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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies combines world class scholarship with a great teaching and learning environment for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Our researchers are engaged in internationally recognised work in the history, literature, linguistics, social anthropology, sociology, politics and contemporary culture of the Middle East, North Africa, China, Japan and the two Koreas. The work of several staff crosses traditional geographic and subject boundaries and all our work is firmly grounded in primary source research.

This excellence in research is carried into our work with our students, both undergraduate and post-graduate. We offer a fascinating array of undergraduate courses, giving students the opportunity to learn Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese or Persian ab initio, in the context of a broad based degree in Middle Eastern or East Asian studies. Our students develop from absorbing knowledge in the early stages of their degree, to producing knowledge in their final year dissertation. At graduate level, our Masters and PhD programmes give talented graduates the opportunity to pursue research across a vast array of historical and contemporary topics. All our students gain in depth knowledge of the history and culture of the region of their choice, expanding their horizons and learning to think in new and exciting ways both in the classroom and through real-world engagement.