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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


27 February 2024
Melissa Gatter, an alumna of FAMES, recently received the Alixa Naff prize for her monograph, drawing on the research that she undertook in FAMES. Melissa held a CIS Studentship during her PhD (2016-2020) at FAMES, during which time Prof Anderson was her supervisor.

15 February 2024
Barak Kushner will be delivering a talk at the East Asian Civilizations Research Centre (CRCAO)

15 February 2024
We are delighted to announce the publication of Graphic Narratives from Early Modern Japan: The World of Kusazōshi (Brill), edited by Prof Laura Moretti and Prof Satō Yukiko (The University of Tokyo).

12 February 2024
In his essay, Roel Sterckx distils the ancient philosophies that flow through China’s contemporary geopolitics.

06 February 2024
Dr Young was invited to deliver three lectures on modern Japanese literature in which students engaged such topics as translation, Okinawan and trans-border texts, and the relationships between modern Japanese literature and Vietnam.

Spotlight on

The written and spoken forms of Arabic have been traditionally viewed as separate forms of the language that rarely overlap in writing, but this book examines the recently emerged concept of ‘mixed’ writing that combines both written and spoken forms.

Arabic Writing in the Digital Age - cover image