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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


10 July 2024
The British and Irish Association for Jewish Studies has awarded their 2024 Book Prize to Aaron Hornkohl for his book, The Historical Depth of the Tiberian Reading Tradition of Biblical Hebrew

05 June 2024
Translation and the Borders of Contemporary Japanese Literature: Inciting Difference

28 May 2024
On 22 May 2024, Min Jin Lee, acclaimed author of the bestselling novel Pachinko, gave a talk as part of the Ra Jong-Yil Lecture Series at the University of Cambridge.

15 May 2024
The Japanese Studies section celebrated 75 Years of Japanese Studies at Cambridge on Friday 10 May at an evening reception with alumni, students and supporters

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The form of Biblical Hebrew that is presented in printed editions, with vocalization and accent signs, has its origin in medieval manuscripts of the Bible. The vocalization and accent signs are notation systems that were created in Tiberias in the early Islamic period by scholars known as the Tiberian Masoretes, but the oral tradition they represent has roots in antiquity. The grammatical textbooks and reference grammars of Biblical Hebrew in use today are heirs to centuries of tradition of grammatical works on Biblical Hebrew in Europe.