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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


26 November 2020
This new volume, edited by Andrew Marsham, encompasses the archaeology, history, art, and architecture of the Umayyad era (644–750 CE).

25 November 2020
Flavia Xi Fang’s book "La luna nell’acqua: metafore oniriche tra la letteratura cinese ed europea" (Moon in the Water: dream metaphors in Chinese and European literature) has been published by AlboVersorio (Milan) as part of the book series “Woland”. Flavia is currently in her third year as a PhD candidate in Chinese Studies.

25 November 2020
Dr Laura Moretti's new book, published by Columbia University Press, is out now.

11 November 2020
Dr John Nilsson-Wright today participated in an online discussion forum on denuclearization of North Korea and the role of Europe

10 November 2020
The student linguist from the Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Robinson College who started a pro-refugee fashion revolution is profiled by Charis Goodyear in "This Cambridge Life"

Spotlight on


The Dunhuang manuscripts have been discovered over a century ago and since then generated an impressive volume of research. Looking at the corpus today, one of its most astonishing features is the linguistic diversity of the material, manifested in a mixture of languages and scripts. There are texts in over twenty different languages and scripts, including combinations of these. There are examples of Tibetan written with Chinese characters as a way of recording the pronunciation of Tibetan names and titles.