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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


02 March 2021
Date of next undergraduate Open Day announced

22 February 2021
Dr Vicky Young will be moderating a panel at the interdisciplinary workshop: Heritage from the Margins? Shuri Castle and the Politics of Memory. The Workshop will take place 5-6 Marc 2021.

22 February 2021
The enormous influence of the Egyptian film industry on popular culture and collective imagination across the Arab world is widely acknowledged but little is known about its concrete workings behind the scenes. This new book provides a fascinating glimpse into the lived reality of commercial film production in today's Cairo, with an emphasis on labor hierarchies, production practices, and the recent transition to digital technologies.

18 February 2021
To help refugee children stay in touch with their heritage, Saussan Khalil took on the task of teaching them Arabic in a uniquely accessible way

16 February 2021
The termly Japan and the World Newsletter is out now

Spotlight on

In the seventeenth century, Japanese popular prose flourished as waves of newly literate readers gained access to the printed word. Commercial publishers released vast numbers of titles in response to readers’ hunger for books that promised them potent knowledge.