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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


14 August 2019
Dan and Roel Sterckz sit down to talk about all things Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher and politician. They discuss his influence in the trajectory of intellectual history and what we know about the historical Confucius.

13 August 2019
The workshop is based on Prof Kushner’s Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation project: Charting the Geography of Power: Visualizing the Shifting Landscape from Imperial to Postwar East Asia through War Crimes Trials.

13 August 2019
As well as being a visiting professor and teaching a summer course at Waseda University, Professor Barak Kushner also spent a portion of the summer giving lectures in Japan and China

03 July 2019
On 2nd July, 2019, Prof. Barak Kushner received the 15th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award. He follows in the footsteps of his colleague, John Nilsson-Wright, who was the recipient of the 10th Award.

29 May 2019
The report, titled 'The UK and Japan: Forging a Global and Proactive Partnership' was published today by Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs

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The Dunhuang manuscripts have been discovered over a century ago and since then generated an impressive volume of research. Looking at the corpus today, one of its most astonishing features is the linguistic diversity of the material, manifested in a mixture of languages and scripts. There are texts in over twenty different languages and scripts, including combinations of these. There are examples of Tibetan written with Chinese characters as a way of recording the pronunciation of Tibetan names and titles.