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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


13 September 2023
Mahbod Ghafari gave presentations to appreciative audiences of staff, students and the public at the Department of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University (YSU) on "Iranian Cinema from Birth to New Wave" and "Iranian Cinema from New Wave to the Present Day".

23 August 2023
ジェンダーへの理解を深めることは、今後ビジネスで成功を収めるには不可欠 (Businesses must understand gender issues to succeed)

31 July 2023
The Pathology of Defeat: Japan’s Early Postwar Search for a War Narrative

31 July 2023
The roundtable essay, 'Roundtable One Region, Multiple Strategies: How Countries Are Approaching the Indo-Pacific' published in National Bureau of Asian Research Journal's Asia Policy, Volume 18, Number 3 (July 2023) will be free to download for a short time.

13 July 2023
John Nilsson-Wright contributes to article in the Korea JoongAng Daily Newspaper

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This project, which is funded by the ERC and will run during the academic years 2021-2025, aims to reconstruct the complex, socioreligious past of the disappearing indigenous communities who were once more widespread across West Asia from the first millennium BC well into the Islamic period.