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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Our courses in Middle Eastern Studies and East Asian studies are about much more than learning a language, although that's an important part of what we do.


You will learn:

to speak, write and understand the Middle Eastern or East Asian language(s) of your choice from scratch

to understand and appreciate other cultures, enabling you to specialise in areas of literary, linguistic, cultural or historical interest as you progress through your degree

to think in a different way, challenging preconceptions and approaching problems with an open mind

to think critically and communicate your ideas effectively

to research effectively, using a range of evidence to support your arguments

to write well and present with confidence


You can specialise in one language and the in depth cultural study of related interests.

Or, in the case of Middle Eastern Studies, you can choose to combine:

two languages offered by the Faculty, or

a Middle Eastern language with a modern language offered by the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages & Linguistics (MMLL). You are expected to know your MMLL language to at least A level standard


You want to know more, or take a closer look?

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