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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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Professor Mikael Adolphson

Dr Paul Anderson

Dr Paul Anderson, Dr Julian Hargreaves

Dr Assef Ashraf

Dr Joshua Batts

Professor Amira K Bennison

Dr Tristan G. Brown

Professor Adam Yuet Chau

Dr Nick Posegay, Dr Magdalen M. Connolly

Dr Jonathan Duquette

Professor Khaled Fahmy FBA

Professor Imre Galambos

Dr Noga Ganany

Jigong 2019

Dr Aaron D. Hornkohl, Professor Geoffrey Khan

Dr Aaron D. Hornkohl

Dr Heather Inwood

Dr Saussan Khalil

Professor Geoffrey Khan, Dr Paul Noorlander

Professor Geoffrey Khan

Professor Barak Kushner

Professor Andrew Marsham

Professor Charles Melville

Professor James Montgomery

Loss Sings 2018
War Songs 2018

Dr Laura Moretti

Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Dr Paul Noorlander

Dr Charis Olszok

Prof Yaron Peleg

Dr Nick Posegay

Dr Michael Rand

Dr Brigitte Steger ブリギッテ・シテーガ

Prof. Roel Sterckx FBA

Professor Hans van de Ven FBA

Professor Christine van Ruymbeke

Dr Vincenzo Vergiani

Ms Emma Wu

Professor Boping Yuan, Miss Jingting Xiang

Dr Victoria Young

Professor Boping Yuan