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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



If you are a student/staff at the University of Cambridge you will have access to many subject libraries (faculty or departmental libraries) as well as the main University Library. You will also be a member of your college library, which is for college members only.

Students and staff will usually need their blue University card to access and borrow items from libraries. For further information on borrowing from Cambridge libraries click HERE.

IMPORTANT: Books on loan across the Cambridge libraries are renewed automatically at regular intervals. Therefore, you might experience difficulties in getting hold of books you urgently need. It is important that you use the 'REQUEST' option in iDiscover to recall books. Recalled books should be returned within 3 days and will be held for you in the holding library for 2 days.


All users who are not members of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies need to register with us before using the Library for the first time.  Valid University or University Library cards are required for registration. Please use the online form to complete the registration.  

The table below summarises borrowing rights for current members of Cambridge University, and official visitors to the Faculty.

CATEGORY Undergrads. Postgrads. Academic & supports staff *Official visitors/Cam. MAs
Loan entitlement in term 5 items 10 items 10 items 2 items
Loan period in term 7 days **28 days **28 days 14 days
Loan period of Short Loans in term 1 day 1 day 1  day 1 day
Vacation loan entitlement 5 items 10 items 10 item 10 items
Vacation loan period including Short Loans ***Vacation **Vacation



Vacation loan period for DVDs 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day

*Official Visiting Scholars in the Faculty : a letter on headed paper from the department/faculty stating the duration of stay will be necessary for registration.

*Cambridge MA holders resident in Cambridge: a valid MA card and proof of address will be necessary upon registration.

**Most items are on loan for 28 days. As long as no-one else requests that you return the item(s), they will automatically be renewed.


During the vacation loans will continue to auto renew and cannot be requested by other library users (except University Library books). Changing from term to vacation and vice versa happens on Tuesdays by 9.00 am.

  • Michaelmas Term borrowing starts: 6th October 2020
  • Christmas Vacation borrowing starts:  1st December 2020
  • Lent Term borrowing starts:  19th January 2021
  • Easter Vacation borrowing starts:  16th March 2021
  • Easter Term borrowing starts: 27th April 2021
  • Summer Vacation borrowing starts:  15th June 2021


Only overdue requested items or short loans will be fined. Fines are charged at a rate of £1.00 per day, and will accrue for up to 60 days.