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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part IB | Core subject

Course Description 2023-24

An introduction to selected works of poetry, prose, and fiction in literary Chinese. The course draws on texts ranging from early medieval to late imperial times. Students are introduced to the basic features of grammar and genre and the intellectual and historical background of the readings in question.

Form and Conduct

This paper contains three sections, all of which must be attempted. Section 1 contains one or more passages from seen texts in literary Chinese for translation into English. Candidates may be asked to comment on the texts in question. Section 2 contains unseen texts for translation into English. Section 3 is a comprehensive reading exercise. Candidates are asked to answer questions, in English, on one or more unseen texts.

This description is subject to change, for the latest information, students should consult the Undergraduate Handbook available on the Faculty Intranet.

Terms taught
Michaelmas, Lent
Michaelmas, Lent