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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part II | Core subject | Convenor: Ms Emma Wu

This course prepares you for an oral examination.

Form and Conduct

The examination consists of a listening comprehension test and an oral test. All oral tests will be recorded.

(a) Listening comprehension test Candidates will be asked to answer multiple-choice questions in Chinese related to recorded passages in Chinese (40 marks; approximately 30–40 minutes).

(b) Oral test The candidate will be asked to provide an oral précis of her or his dissertation and answer questions thereon. Then he or she will be asked to discuss a selected topic with the examiners. Finally, there will be a test on English-Chinese interpretation. The selected topics will be posted in the Faculty one working day before the examination (60 marks; approximately 20 minutes).


This description is subject to change, for the latest information, students should consult the Undergraduate Handbook available on the Faculty Intranet.

Terms taught
Michaelmas, Lent, Easter
Michaelmas, Lent, Easter
Michaelmas, Lent, Easter