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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part II

Course Description

This course prepares you for an oral examination.

Form and Conduct

The oral examination will consist of three sections. Section (a), Speech, will be taken at the beginning of the fourth year and sections (b) and (c), listening comprehension and oral précis, will be taken at the end of the fourth year.

(a) Speech: candidates will be asked to give an oral presentation based on an essay in Japanese that they have worked on during their year abroad. The speech itself should last no more than ten minutes; notes are allowed but the speech must not be read aloud from a prewritten text. A short conversation may follow.

(b) Listening comprehension: candidates will listen to a selection of recorded passages of Japanese and answer questions in Japanese and/or in English.

(c) Oral précis: candidates will prepare a passage in English with the aid of dictionaries, the content of which will be summarized in Japanese before the examiners. A short conversation in Japanese on the topic may follow.