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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part IB

Course Description 2023-24

The aim of this course is to consolidate students’ understanding of Arabic grammar and expand their vocabulary so that they can confidently read a range of Arabic materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, and to develop their speaking and listening skills and their speaking in one particular dialect of Arabic.

The course aims to develop students’ knowledge of Arabic to a high intermediate level, giving them the capacity to read and listen to a variety of authentic texts in Modern Standard Arabic, as well as the speaking skills to discuss similar kinds of topics in Egyptian-based Educated Spoken Arabic. Students will also be introduced to other colloquials in preparation for going to different countries on the Year Abroad. The course is partly based on our own materials; the main textbook is Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum al-'Arabiyya Part 2, 2nd edition The classroom language is Egyptian Colloquial Arabic as far as possible, using English only where necessary, mainly in explaining grammar.

Form and Conduct

This paper will contain two sections: a three-hour written examination (70 marks) and an oral examination (30 marks). The written examination will contain one passage of Arabic on which candidates will be required to answer questions (20 marks); one passage of Arabic for translation into English (20 marks); one passage of English for translation into Arabic (15 marks); and one question requiring a piece of writing in Arabic (15 marks). All questions should be attempted. The oral examination will contain three sections. All timings are approximate and all oral examinations are recorded. (a) Listening comprehension: Candidates answer questions on a recorded passage, which may be taken from a variety of sources (10 marks). (b) Liaison interpreting: Candidates act as an interpreter for two examiners, one speaking Arabic and one English (10 marks). (c) Discussion: Candidates discuss a topic chosen in advance of the examination (10 marks). (b) and (c) together: 15 minutes.

This description is subject to change, for the latest information, students should consult the Undergraduate Handbook available on the Faculty Intranet.