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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Part II | Convenor: Dr Elizabeth Monier

Course Description 2023-24

This paper examines in some detail the political history of the modern Middle East, focusing on the relationship between international politics and Middle Eastern politics since 1945.

This paper examines the relationship between international politics and Middle Eastern politics. Rather than studying the two in isolation, it is the connectedness of the Middle East with the global context that is the point of departure. Key issues and events are situated in relation to the wider global trends and developments that have shaped the international order in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In keeping with this approach, the course will introduce materials from a range of sources and voices to underline a relational, historicised, multidirectional and polycentric approach to studying Middle Eastern politics and society.

Course objectives: To give students i) the tools with which to understand Middle Eastern history and politics as they relate to and interact with global affairs ii) to deepen research, reading and essay writing skills iii) to understand how the field of area studies intersects with the disciplines of political science and contemporary and global history.

Form and Conduct

This paper will consist of eight essay questions, of which candidates will be required to answer three. All questions will carry equal marks.

This description is subject to change, for the latest information, students should consult the Undergraduate Handbook available on the Faculty Intranet.