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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


The Ra Jong-Yil Lecture in Korean Studies was established by Dr Ra Jong-Yil, former ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Kingdom and to Japan and former head of the Republic of Korea's national intelligence service, on the basis of generous donations from Dr Ra himself and from some of his friends and colleagues.

The inaugural lecture was given by Dr Ra himself on 31st October, 2008 at Robinson College. Since then, the lectures have been given annually.

  • 2023 - Tuesday, 7th March
    Dr Chung Sye-kyun 
    Former Prime Minister and Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea
    Korea’s Role in the New International Order

  • 2022 - Wednesday, 15th June
    Professor Chin Jungkwon
    Dongyang University
    Korean Democracy in Crisis?

  • 2021 - Friday, 11th June
    Professor Victor D. Cha
    Georgetown University
    Korea's Place in Coalitional Diplomacy

  • 2019 - Wednesday, 29th May
    Professor Carter Eckert
    Harvard University
    The US in the Making of South Korean Militarism (1945-1961)

  • 2018 - Tuesday, 27th February
    Dr Dong-woo SHIN
    CEO and Chairman of Nano Co. Ltd
    Universities and Entrepreneurship in Korea: The case of Nano Co. Ltd

  • 2016 - Friday, 3rd June
    Ambassador Kathleen Stephens
    Former American Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
    William J. Perry Distinguished Fellow at Stanford University

    Lessons from Korea

  • 2014 - Friday, 21st November
    Dr Chung Woo-Taik, 
    Member of the 19th National Assembly, Republic of Korea
    The Transformation of Korea: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

  • 2013 - Friday, 3rd December
    Ambassador John Everard
    Inside North Korea - Live, Love, and 'The Leader'

  • 2012 - Friday, 26th October
    Dr Hwang Juhong, 
    National Assembly, Republic of Korea
    The Challenges of Democratic Experiments in South Korean politics

  • 2011 - Friday, 28th October
    Prof. Vladimir Tikhonov, 
    University of Oslo, Norway
    Transcending the Boundaries, Embracing the Others: 
    International Contexts of Korea's Modern and Contemporary Nationalisms

  • 2010 - Friday, 5th November
    Mrs Choo Mi-Ae, 
    Member of the 18th National Assembly, Republic of Korea
    Finding the Legacy and a Vision for Modern Politics in the Korean Peninsula

  • 2009 - Friday, 23rd October
    Professor Bruce Cumings, 
    University of Chicago, USA
    The US and North Korea: Dealing with Irrationality

  • 2008 - Friday, 31st October
    Dr Ra Jong-Yil
    The Discovery of the World - A Korean Perspective