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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Environmental Policy

In light of the climate emergency and crisis in biodiversity, the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, to manage its activities and buildings to promote environmental sustainability, and to limit all forms environmental pollution. 

The Faculty will comply fully with the University’s environmental legislation and officially approved code of practice and will seek to significantly reduce its environmental impact through the implementation of an Environmental Plan which will set out a range of objectives including:

  • The promotion of sound environmental management policies and practices;
  • raising awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff and students; 
  • implementing policies and procedures that contribute to a reduction in the Faculty’s carbon footprint;
  • minimising waste and pollution, and operating effective waste management: this will include a correct disposal of physical waste, the regular monitoring of the Faculty’s water and energy usage and efforts to minimise water and energy waste; 
  • encouraging reduced-carbon forms of communication and transport by staff and students.

4 June 2019