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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

29 May 2023
Saussan Khalil to speak in the "Language Variation and Pedagogy" strand at the "Questioning Language Teaching Orthodoxy in Higher Education" symposium at the University of Leeds

11 May 2023
On May 9th, Noga Ganany gave a lecture titled "Rethinking Religious Textuality in Ming Literature" for the Konfuzius Institut at Leipzig, Germany.

10 May 2023
What is South Korea’s president Yoon Suk Yeol's view on China?

05 May 2023
The Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (CSAR) PhD Student Awards recognise outstanding research with real world application and assist students to pursue their research or careers. Application for the awards are open to PhD students in any discipline at the University. Successful applicants are chosen by the CSAR PhD Student Awards Committee. This year, Mohammed Ibraheem Ahmed was among the award winners. He is a Woolf Institute PhD Scholar studying Early Muslim-Jewish Relations under the supervision of the Faculty's Professor Andrew Marsham.

03 May 2023
Religious tolerance in the Arab Gulf states: Christian organizations, soft power, and the politics of sustaining the “family–state” beyond the rentier model

21 April 2023
The Japanese Studies Group at the University of Cambridge is thrilled to announce a generous donation from Mitsubishi Corporation London Branch to support our Summer School in Early Modern Japanese Palaeography.

20 April 2023
The lecture, titled: "Books Engineered for Tactile Adventures: Towards an Ecology of Playthings in Early Modern Japan." is open to members of the Society

12 April 2023
Dr Lydia Wilson, Affiliated Researcher in Middle Eastern Studies, writes in New Lines Magazine about a nw discovery in the Gulf state which prompts a reevaluation of the country’s Christian past

28 March 2023
Yizhuo Li, PhD candidate in Chinese studies wins the second place in Lingnan Culture Studies Research Paper Competition, 2022. Her awarded paper is entitled “From South to North: Reverence and Performance of Lady Jinhua in Late-Imperial China”.

22 March 2023
Talk will be held at NCCU Dah Hsian Library 14.00 - 16.00 Fri, 7 April, 2023

22 March 2023
Date: April 12, 2023 (Wed), Time: 5 pm, Venue:CPD-3.29, Centennial Campus, HKU

22 March 2023
Dr Elizabeth Monier appeared on the Times Radio breakfast show with Kate McCann and Stig Abell, in their "On this day" segment, speaking about the establishment of the League of Arab States on this date in 1945

20 March 2023
The East-West Center in Washington, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, held an Indo-Pacific Strategy Conference: U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy at One Year

17 March 2023
Brigitte Steger explores how an earthquake and tsunami disaster threatens sleep in many ways and what we can learn about sleep health by paying attention to extreme situations.

16 March 2023
Saussan Khalil presented at the international conference "Variation in the Teaching of Arabic: Grammar and Lexicon" in Milan, Italy