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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

27 May 2020
Issue 6 of the journal Leeds Language Scholar is a Special Issue on the subject of “Teaching Arabic” and features a paper by Dr Saussan Khalil: "A delineation of variation in Arabic between fuṣḥá and Egyptian ’āmmīyah".

22 May 2020
Two recent talks given by Prof. Khaled Fahmy, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Sa'id Professor of Modern Arabic Studies, are available to watch online.

13 May 2020
Dr Kuan-Jen Chen published his article “Projecting Poseidon’s Trident: America’s East Asia and the Shifting Contours of 1950s Postwar Naval Policy” in Cold War History Journal

06 April 2020
As part of Toshiba's 'Japan Insights' collection of online essays, Prof Barak Kushner examines the diversity of Osaka's food culture.

06 March 2020
Commentary by Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Eric Ballbach, Sabine Burghart, Nicola Casarini, Mario Esteban, Lucia Husenicova, Sangsoo Lee, Françoise Nicolas, John Nilsson-Wright, Oskar Pietrewicz and Elina Sinkkonen

03 March 2020
The enormous influence of the Egyptian film industry on popular culture and collective imagination across the Arab world is widely acknowledged but little is known about its concrete workings behind the scenes. This new book provides a fascinating glimpse into the lived reality of commercial film production in today's Cairo, with an emphasis on labor hierarchies, production practices, and the recent transition to digital technologies.

02 March 2020
Tessa Rizzoli impresses judges at the Fifteenth Japanese Speech Contest for University Students.

01 March 2020
Newly published by Wiley and available through open access, this article by Dr Paul Anderson offers a different theorization of the commercial geographies and economic networks that connect China to the Middle East from those associated with the metaphor of the ‘Silk Road’.

28 February 2020
This exhibition of work by the Jerusalem-born Palestinian artists Kamal Boullata (1942—2019), is being extended until 22nd March. The exhibition, entry to which is free, is is on at the West Court Gallery in Jesus College. The gallery is open from 10am to 6pm each day.

28 May 2019
Dr Paul Noorlander and Dorota Molin of the Hebrew and Semitic Sudies section share their experience of a recent field trip in Northern Iraq (KRG region), and give a general introduction to Neo-Aramaic, its long and rich history, and explain the causes for of its severe endangerment.