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John Nilsson-Wright media discussions on the situation in North Korea

last modified Jun 07, 2017 02:40 PM

Dr John Nilsson-Wright, University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics and International Relations and Senior Research Fellow in the Asia Programme at Chatham House, appeared in several media outlets recently to talk about the current situation in North Korea. 

  1. Two-way piece on BBC World Service for their "World Update" programme on the topic of "Dealing with the North Korean Threat" (starts around 3' in and runs to the 8' mark).
  2. Discussion on The Monocle Daily between Dr Nilsson-Wright and John Everard, former British Ambassador to Pyongyang, who disagree over may be about to happen on the Korean peninsula following US military moves close to the border between North and South. Their piece runs from about the 3' mark to 13' in.
  3. Monocle Radio discussion for their regular 8am Globalist slot. Dr Nilsson-Wright comes in at the 5’ 27 mark for about 9 minutes of discussion. 
  4. Talk Radio discussion for the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast programme. Listen from the 8.30am mark. 

  5. BBC online piece on Moon Jae-in: Big tests ahead for South Korea's new leader.

  6. Monocle Radio 10 minute two-way on Moon Jae-in’s presidential election victory from the 2’ mark. 

  7. Huffington post Skype video on North Korean hostage taking and latest arrests of two more Americans.

  8. Short interview on VICE news, commenting on the Korean presidential election

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