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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Please click the links below for a description of each paper on offer to Chinese Studies students.

Please also check the Intranet Pages for Current Undergraduate Students.

The Undergraduate Handbook linked from there will give more information on rules for Paper choices and Detailed descriptions.

Please note that the papers available to you will depend on the pathway you are taking, and that they may be subject to change. There may also be other papers available to borrow from other Faculties.

Chinese Studies offers two pathways in Part IA and IB.

Pathway 1 is intnded for students starting ab initio (from scratch), or for students with just some basics in Chinese.

Pathway 2 is intended for students with a higher Language level at the start of their studies.

Prior to Michaelmas term of their first year, students will be assigned their pathway based on a Language aptitude test.

Part 1A

Pathway 1

C1 Modern Chinese Translation and Writing 1

C2 Modern Chinese Texts 1

Pathway 2

C4 Modern Chinese Translation and Writing 2

C5 Modern Chinese Texts 2

both pathways

C3 Literary Chinese 1

CO Oral Examination

EAS1 Introduction to East Asian History

Part 1B

Pathway 1

C4 Modern Chinese Translation and Writing 2

C5 Modern Chinese Texts 2

CO Oral Examination

Pathway 2

C9 Special Chinese Language Option

both pathways

C6 Literary Chinese 2

C7 History of Dynastic China

C8 Globalisation in China, 1850 to the Present

C10 Politics and International Relations of China

J6A Pre-modern and J6B Modern Japanese History

J8 (A/B) Japanese History

J9 Japanese Society

J10A Japanese Politics and J10B Korean Politics

AMES1 Cinema East

K1 Modern Korean 1

borrowed papers:

X3 Structures and Meanings (LNT1 Li2)

Year abroad

You can find information both on this website and on the Intranet Pages on the Year Abroad

For information on combining with Japanese in Year 3, please see the rules in the Undergraduate Handbook.

Part II

C11 Modern Chinese Translation and Writing 3

C12 Modern Chinese Texts 3

CO Oral Examination

C13 Literary Chinese 3

C15 The Chinese Tradition: Chinese Art and Visual Culture

C16 Cultural History of Late Imperial China

C17 Modern Chinese Literature

C18 China in a Global WWII

C19 Chinese Linguistics

C20 Contemporary Chinese Society

C21 Research Seminar in Chinese Politics

K2 Modern Korean 2

For information on the Dissertation students write in the Forth year, please see the Intranet Pages on the Undergraduate Dissertation, and the Chinese Dissertation Handbook provided there.