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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


The collection, housed in two boxes, mainly comprises drafts of a book, articles, lectures, notes and correspondence from 1929-61.

PW/1 Draft of The Text of the Septuagint. Its Corruptions and their Emendation (1973)
2 vols (1-2) and 1 bundle (3), ms and typescript
With annotations and notes by Peter Walters and David Willoughby Gooding, who edited the volume for publication after Walters' death
Originally presented as a Cambridge University PhD thesis, 1945

PW/1/1 Draft of text

PW/1/2 Draft of text

PW/1/3 Additional notes
Removed from between the pages of the text

PW/2 Draft articles
3 bundles
English and German

PW/2/1 Draft article on interpretations of the Septuagint
17 sheets, ms and typescript
English and German

PW/2/2 Draft article on Aquila's reading of Philo
28 sheets, ms and typescript

PW/2/3 Draft article on the substitution of words in the Old Testament
17 sheets, ms and typescript

PW/3 Draft lectures on the Septuagint
undated [1947]
1 bundle, typescript
Comprises: 'Introduction to the study of the Septuagint' (I); 'A general characterization of the Koine' (II); 'The Greek of the Septuagint' (III); 'Is the Septuagint uniform from the point of view of language?' (IV); 'Translators of the Septuagint' (V); 'The textual history of the Septuagint' (VI); 'Summary' (VII)

PW/4 Miscellaneous draft lectures
undated, 1942, 1958
3 bundles
English and German

PW/4/1 Draft lecture on Liddell and Scott, Greek-English Lexicon
11 sheets, typescript
Lecture given at Oxford, 10 Apr 1942

PW/4/2 Draft lecture on the Septuagint
13 sheets, typescript
Lecture given at Mainz, 8 Jul 1958; Heidelberg, 10 Jul 1958 and Freiburg, 15 Jul 1958

PW/4/3 Draft lecture on the textual history of the Septuagint
17 sheets, ms and typescript

PW/5 Notes on a lecture on the Church and Peace given by Nathan Söderblom
3 sheets, typescript
Burge Memorial Lecture, 1929

PW/6 Notes on Isaiah
1 bundle
English and German

PW/7 Correspondence
8 items, ms and typescript
English and German

PW/8 William Frederick Arndt and Felix Wilbur Gingrich
Proof copy of A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (1956)
1 vol, ms and printed
With some ms annotations by Walters