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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Isaline Horner was born in Walthamstow, 30 March 1896. She was educated at Prior's Field, Surrey, and Newnham College, Cambridge, BA, 1917, MA, 1934. She remained at Newnham College as Assistant Librarian, 1918-20, and Acting Librarian, 1920-1. She gave up her post to travel in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India and Burma (Myanmar), where she became interested in Buddhism, 1921-3. She returned to Newnham College as Librarian and fellow, 1923-36; Sarah Smithson Research Fellow, 1928-31; associate, 1931-59 and 1962-76; and associate fellow, 1939-49. She also served on the Governing Body, 1939-49, and gave a donation for the building of the Horner Library, 1961-2. She lived and worked in Manchester, 1936-43, and London, 1943-81, and continued to travel extensively in Ceylon, India and Burma. She was Honorary Secretary of the Pali Text Society, 1942-59, and President and Honorary Treasurer, 1959-81. She was awarded the OBE, 1980. She lived with her companion Elsie Butler, 1926-59. She died in London, 25 April 1981.

The collection mainly comprises manuscripts, articles, book reviews, lectures, notes, diaries, correspondence and photographs for 1903 - 1980.

In addition the collection includes the following family papers: Isaline Blew, letters, 1922, 1931-3; Elsie Butler (1885-1959), correspondence and papers, 1933-59; Anne Horner (d. 1943), letters, 1917-18, 1921-3, 1939; Frith Horner (1894-1917), photograph albums and a postcard, 1903, 1914-17; Leonard Horner (1861-1946), photograph albums, letters, and notes on family history, undated, 1884-5, 1914, 1923; Horner family, funeral sermon, 1744, invitation, 1893, investment accounts, 1909-15, and photographs, 1897-1940; Williams family, coats of arms, undated, 1764.

It is housed in 16 boxes and the following oversize items: three volumes, three rolls, one file, one sheet and two framed pictures.

The Library also holds a robe and a scroll presented to Isaline Horner by the Nava Nalanda Maha Vihara (New Nalanda Monastery). The boxes used to store Frith Horner's letters and the envelopes have been retained.

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IH M Manuscripts

IH M/1 Draft manuscript on animals in Early Buddhism
ca. 1942
1 bundle, ms and typescript
With notes by Caroline Rhys Davids

IH M/2 Draft of The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha (1948)
undated, 1945-55
1 folder, ms and typescript
Written with Ananda Coomaraswamy
Includes correspondence with Cassell and Company Ltd, 1945-55

IH M/3 Draft forewords to books
15 sheets, ms and typescript
With interleaved correspondence

IH M/4 Draft anthology of Pali literature
undated, [1959]
1 folder, ms and typescript
Includes correspondence with Gerald Yorke, 1959-62 (8)

IH M/5 Draft translation of the Devadatta Jatakas
102 sheets, typescript
Nos. 1, 12, 72, 122, 222, 241, 313, 357, 422, 438, 457, 466, 474, 482, 492, 514, 516, 518

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IH A Articles

IH A/1 Draft article on freedom of mind (cetovimutti)
22 Oct 1938
1 sheaf, typescript

IH A/2 Draft article on the Nissaggiyas
7 Aug 1939
30 sheets, typescript

IH A/3 Draft article on war and peace in Early Buddhism
22 Nov 1938
12 sheets, typescript
Published in the Ceylon Daily News, Vesak edition, 1939

IH A/4 Draft article on santhata
19 Jan 1940
15 sheets, typescript

IH A/5 Draft article on the Parajika group of rules
1 Oct 1940
17 sheets, typescript

IH A/6 Copy article on impressions of Ceylon
26 Nov 1940
8 sheets, typescript
Published in the Ceylon Daily News, 26 Nov 1940

IH A/7 Draft article on the quest in Early Buddhism
Feb 1946
19 sheets, typescript
Given as a paper to the Buddhist Society, Apr 1947

IH A/8 Copy articles on the Pali Text Society
undated, 1946-74
7 items

IH A/8/1 
30 Apr 1946
3 sheets, typescript
Published by the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal

IH A/8/2 
undated [1954]
3 sheets, typescript
Published in the Middle Way

IH A/8/3 
Aug 1955
5 sheets, typescript
Written for the Ambassador to Thailand

IH A/8/4 
30 Aug 1963
5 sheets, typescript
About the relationship between A. P. Buddhadatta and the Pali Text Society

IH A/8/5 
5 sheets, typescript
Published in World Buddhism

IH A/8/6 
Oct 1974
3 sheets, typescript
Written for fundraising purposes

IH A/8/7 
5 sheets, typescript

IH A/9 Draft article on the concept of freedom in Early Buddhism
Sep 1947
115 sheets, typescript
With a translation of the article into French, undated, and an abridged version, Jul 1953
English and French

IH A/10 Translation of part of the Suttanipata
Dec 1947
2 sheets, typescript
Suttas 143-52
Published in Middle Way, Dec 1947

IH A/11 Draft article on materialism
13 Jan 1948
4 sheets, typescript
Published in the Buddhist Herald

IH A/12 Draft articles about atta and anatta in Early Buddhism
undated, Nov 1948
40 sheets, typescript
Published in the Golden Lotus, vol. 9 (Aug 1952) and Middle Way, vol. 27, no. 3 (Nov 1952)

IH A/13 Copy article on Ananda Coomaraswamy
9 sheets, ms and typescript
Published in S. Durai Raja Singam, Homage to Ananda Coomaraswamy (1948)
With 2 letters about the article, 21 Sep and 10 Oct 1948

IH A/14 Draft article on samayavimutti and asamayavimutti
Jul 1949
23 sheets, typescript

IH A/15 Draft article on appamada
Oct 1950
4 sheets, typescript
Published in Buddhist World, Oct 1950

IH A/16 Copy article on coveting
undated [1950]
17 sheets, typescript
Published in Maha Bodhi, vol. 56, nos. 4-5 (Apr-May 1950) and reprinted in The Buddhist, vol. 25 (1 May 1954)

IH A/17 Draft article about the maha and cula vaggas and sutas in the Majjhimanikaya
undated [1953]
124 sheets, ms and typescript
A summary of this article was published in the University of Ceylon Review, vol. 9, nos. 3 and 4 (1953) and reprinted in Indianisme et Bouddhisme. Mélanges offerts à Étienne Lamotte (1980)

IH A/18 Copy article on Buddhist activity in the United Kingdom
undated [1956]
6 sheets, typescript

IH A/19 Copy article on women in Early Buddhist literature
19 sheets, typescript
Published in the Ceylon Daily News, 23 Jan 1961

IH A/20 Draft article on Pali study in the West
6 Mar 1964
7 sheets, typescript

IH A/21 Draft article on the Buddhavamsa Commentary (Madhuratthavilasini)
11 Apr 1975
21 sheets, typescript
Published in Buddhist Studies in Honour of Walpola Rahula (1980)

IH A/22 Draft article on the bodhipakkhiyadhammas
69 sheets, typescript

IH A/23 Draft article on Brahma
16 sheets

IH A/24 Draft article on the brahmaviharas and freedom of mind
66 sheets, typescript

IH A/25 Draft article on freedom
29 sheets, ms and typescript

IH A/26 Copy article on the life of Buddha
21 sheets, ms and typescript

IH A/27 Draft article on majjhe or the temporal mean
11 sheets

IH A/28 Copy article on the rebukes to Sariputta
15 sheets, typescript

IH A/29 Draft article about sila, samadhi and panna
32 sheets, ms and typescript
Titled 'The theory of practice. Moral habits, contemplation and wisdom'

IH A/30 Draft article on the stickfast motif (lepa and limpati)
15 sheets, typescript

IH A/31 Draft article on sukha
4 sheets

IH A/32 Draft article on the upasikas
4 sheets

IH A/33 Francesca Wilson
Memoir of Margaret McFie
undated [1971]
18 sheets, typescript
Comprises an account of her work with the Serbian Relief Fund in Corsica, Tunisia and Serbia, 1915-19; her life in Serbia, 1919-30, and later in Cambridge, where she worked as Domestic Bursar of Newnham College, Cambridge, 1934-49
With a poem titled 'Sweet Margaret's Dream', written by Elsie Butler to be read at the farewell dinner for Margaret McFie at Newnham
Isaline Horner met Margaret McFie at Prior's Field, Surrey, where she was a teacher, and later at Newnham

IH A/34 Unknown
Account of a visit to Nepal
15 sheets, ms and typescript
With a letter, 24 Apr

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IH R Book reviews

IH R/1 Draft and copy book reviews
1 folder, typescript and printed
With interleaved correspondence

IH R/2 Copy reviews of Ananda Coomaraswamy and Isaline Horner, Gotama the Buddha(1949)
1 bundle, typescript and printed

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IH L Lectures

IH L/1 Draft lecture on Buddhism
20 sheets, typescript
Given at Newnham College, Cambridge, Lent Term 1932
Titled 'Some points concerning Buddhism'

IH L/2 Draft lecture on women in Early Buddhism
May 1932
39 sheets, typescript
Given at the Anthropological Club, Cambridge University, 11 May 1932

IH L/3 Draft introduction to a lecture on Buddhism in Ceylon
2 Mar 1937
10 sheets, typescript
Given at the Geographical Society, Manchester University
With an abstract of the lecture published in the Society's journal, The Globe

IH L/4 Draft lecture on Indian religious festivals
9 Mar 1937
38 sheets, typescript
Given at the Geographical Society, Manchester University, 9 Mar 1937, and the Wives' Fellowship, Manchester University, 21 Mar 1941

IH L/5 Draft lecture on Early Buddhist monachism
17 Mar 1938
33 sheets, typescript

IH L/6 Draft lecture on the teachings of Gotama
26 sheets, typescript
Given at Lamb Guild House, Jun 1939, and to the Blackburn Theosophists, May 1940

IH L/7 Draft lecture on Indian religions
1 Nov 1942
26 sheets, ms and typescript
Given during India Weekend at Manchester University, 1 Nov 1942, and to Mrs Armitage's refugees, 1 Jun 1943

IH L/8 Draft lecture on translating
14 Jun 1943
19 sheets, typescript

IH L/9 Draft lecture on dhamma for the laity
18 Dec 1946
20 sheets, typescript
Given at the Buddhist Society, 18 Dec 1946

IH L/10 Draft lecture on Buddhism
25 sheets, ms and typescript
Given at the Rationalist Society, University College, London, 8 May 1946
Titled 'Right view'
With amended version

IH L/11 Draft lecture on relations between Hinayana and Mahayana
Jun 1947
24 sheets, ms and typescript
Given at the Buddhist Circle, 14 Jun 1947

IH L/12 Draft lecture on Early Buddhist parables
8 Oct 1947
22 sheets, typescript
Given at the Buddhist Society, 8 Oct 1947

IH L/13 Draft lecture on Early Buddhism
Oct 1947
18 sheets, typescript
Given at the Buddhist Society, 1 Oct 1947
Titled 'What is new in Early Buddhism'

IH L/14 Draft speeches given at Vesak
1 bundle, typescript
With interleaved correspondence

IH L/15 Draft lecture on Buddhism
Feb 1949
18 sheets, typescript
Titled 'What is Buddhism?'

IH L/16 Draft lecture on Buddhism and Hinduism
Jul 1949
14 sheets, ms and typescript

IH L/17 Draft speech to the Buddhist Women's Association, Ceylon
7 sheets

IH L/18 Draft speech to the Buddhist Nurses' Association, Ceylon
11 sheets

IH L/19 Copy lecture on two suttas in the Majjhima-nikaya
21 May 1951
5 sheets, typescript
No. 33 and unidentified

IH L/20 Draft lecture on the Pali Text Society
Oct 1953
14 sheets, ms and typescript

IH L/21 Draft lecture on two suttas in the Majjhima-nikaya
Oct 1953
16 sheets, ms and typescript
Nos. 21 and 22

IH L/22 Notes for a speech at the Sixth Buddhist Council in Rangoon, Burma
undated [1955]
6 sheets, typescript

IH L/23 Draft lecture on women in Early Buddhism
Nov 1956
20 sheets, typescript
Given at the Buddhist Society, Cambridge University, Mar 1957

IH L/24 Draft lectures on the Vinaya-pitaka
Oct 1958
38 sheets, typescript

IH L/25 Copy lecture on Buddhism
6 sheets, typescript
Radio or television talk, 4 Dec 1959
Titled 'The principal kind of Buddhism'

IH L/26 Copy lecture on Early Buddhism and survival
Jul 1960
21 sheets, typescript
Given at the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical Study, 13 Sep 1960

IH L/27 Draft speech given at the opening of the new London Buddhist Vihara
24 May 1964
5 sheets, typescript
With press cuttings about the gift of a sacred relic to the London Buddhist Vihara, 1949
The London Buddhist Vihara was the first Buddhist monastery established outside Asia. It was founded in 1926 and moved to new premises in Chiswick in 1964

IH L/28 Draft speech given at the Asalha celebrations at the Buddhapadipa Temple, Richmond, Surrey
27 Jul 1969
7 sheets, typescript

IH L/29 Draft lecture on Theravada Buddhism
15 sheets, typescript
Given at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore

IH L/30 Draft lecture on two Early Buddhist women
16 sheets, typescript

IH L/31 Draft lecture on the Todas, a tribe of the Nilgiri Hills, India
2 sheets, typescript

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IH N Notes

IH N/1 Notes on Hindu mythology
Mar-Apr 1935
1 vol
Isaline Horner and Elsie Butler took lessons in Hindu mythology from Chandrasekhara Sartry in Mysore, India

IH N/2 Draft translation of the commentary on the Cariyapitaka
17 sheets

IH N/3 Notes on the wheel, fire and water
33 sheets

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IH J Diaries

IH J/1 Travel diaries
1 folder (1), 1 file (2) and 1 bundle (3)

IH J/1/1 
1 folder
Colombo and Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Kottayam, Trichur, Kunnam Kulam, Mysore, Tinnevelley, Trivandrum and Sanchi, India; Rangoon, Pyapon, Mingum, Mandalay, Bhamo and Pagan, Burma
With notes on cinema, caste and Hinduism, and a poem

IH J/1/2 
1 file, typescript
Mysore and the surrounding area, Kodaikanal, Rameswaram and Kanchipuram, India
With notes on a solar eclipse, Hindu women, a car festival, Hindu festivals, Syrian Christians, and Pongal and Dasara festivals

IH J/1/3 
1 bundle
Kenya; South Africa; and Madeira
Partly written in the form of a letter to Brooke

IH J/2 Travel diaries
11 vols

IH J/2/1 
13 Oct 1934-16 May 1935
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Rangoon and Mandalay, Burma; Cairo, Egypt; Marseille, France; Gibraltar; Bombay, Madras, Hyderabad, Ehora, Ajanta, Udaipur, Ajmer, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, New Delhi, Gwalior, Sanchi, Bhopal, Bangalore, Mysore, Thanjavur, Trichy, Madurai, and Hampi, India
With loose photographs, letters, postcards, invitations, lists of presents, visitors' cards, a calendar and an advertisement for scented sticks
Also includes an itinerary and an account of presents bought

IH J/2/2 
1936, 1938
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Hassfurt and Rothenburg, Germany, 15 Aug-9 Sep 1936; Paris and the Massif Central, France, 15 Aug-10 Sep 1938
With a loose map of the Main Valley and a list of holidays abroad, 1926-39

IH J/2/3 
1937, 1941
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Monte Verità and Ascona, Switzerland, 24 Jul-12 Aug 1937; Caerwys, Flintshire, 25 Aug-1 Sep 1941

IH J/2/4 
16 Dec 1938-1 Apr 1939
Travelled with Eileen Howroyd
Colombo, Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Marseille, France; Madurai, Thanjavur, Madras, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Ajanta, Mahatalipuram, Trichy, India
With loose letters, a postcard and a pressed leaf
Also includes an account of presents bought

IH J/2/5 
1939, 1942-4
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Vienne and Villeneuve-les-Avignon, France, 14-27 Aug 1939; Heversham, Cumbria 14-17 Aug 1942; Caerwys, Flintshire, 7-21 Sep 1942, 27-30 Nov 1942, 2-7 Apr 1943, 7-21 Sep 1943, 18-21 Sep 1943; and Bakewell, Derbyshire, 28 Mar-4 Apr 1944
With loose letters, a postcard and a pressed leaf
Also includes an account of presents bought

IH J/2/6 
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Bewdley, Worcestershire, 5-17 Sep 1944, 14-30 Aug 1945 and 11-17 Jul 1946; Caerwys, Flintshire, 3-6 Nov 1944, 28 Mar-6 Apr 1945, 13-18 Dec 1945, and 6-13 Apr 1948; Vevey and Aeschi, Switzerland, 22 Aug-18 Sep 1946
With loose tourist leaflets about Andermatt and a pressed flower

IH J/2/7 
29 Jul-31 Aug 1947
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Vevey and Aeschi, Switzerland

IH J/2/8 
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Monte Verità and Ascona, Switzerland, 5-25 Jul 1948; Cross-in-Hand, Sussex, 31 Aug-14 Sep 1948 and 16 Aug-7 Sep 1949

IH J/2/9 
17 Apr-23 Jul 1950
Colombo, Kandy, Ambalangoda, Ja-Ela, Bendiyamulla, Ceylon
With loose photographs

IH J/2/10 
1952-3, 1956
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Brand, Austria, 22 Jul-6 Aug 1952 and 7 Jul-2 Aug 1953; Possingworth, Sussex, 2-9 Sep 1952; Utrecht, Holland, 11-19 Sep 1956
With a loose tourist leaflet about Brand

IH J/2/11 
16 Nov 1953-21 Mar 1954
Travelled with Elsie Butler
Rangoon, Burma; Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Ambalangoda, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura Ceylon
With a loose letter and pressed leaves

IH J/3 Desk diaries
7 vols
Comprises brief details of correspondence

IH J/3/1 

IH J/3/2 

IH J/3/3 

IH J/3/4 

IH J/3/5 

IH J/3/6 

IH J/3/7 

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IH C Correspondence

IH C/1 General correspondence and postcards
undated, 1920-78
2 bundles, ms and typescript
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent
English, French and German

IH C/1/1 Correspondence
undated, 1920-73
With photographs

IH C/1/2 Postcards
undated, 1925-78

IH C/2 Greetings cards
undated, 1923-4, 1932, 1977-8
23 items, ms and printed

IH C/3 Correspondence about the library and papers of Thomas Rhys Davids and Caroline Rhys Davids
1 bundle, ms and typescript
Includes letters from Vivien Rhys Davids, 1944 and 1975 (4), and enquiries from potential biographers and others researching the life of Thomas Rhys Davids
Also includes an inventory of books given to the John Rylands Library, Manchester, 1915, and inventories of Pali manuscripts in the house at Chipstead, 1912, later sent to the India Office Library, 1949

IH C/4 Correspondence about the award of an honorary degree by Ceylon University
24 items, ms and typescript

IH C/5 Correspondence and papers about the award of the OBE
1 bundle, ms and typescript
Comprises press cuttings, letters of congratulation and a copy of the statutes of the Order of the British Empire, 1970
English and French

IH C/6 Copies of letters written by Isaline Horner to her family from India and Ceylon
Dec 1921-Jul 1922
1 file, typescript

IH C/7 Letters from Isaline Blew
1913, 1924-30
61 items in 2 bundles
With press cuttings and a postcard

IH C/7/1 
1913, Nov 1924-Feb 1928

IH C/7/2 
Mar 1928-Apr 1930

IH C/8 Letters from Elsie Butler
Dec 1926-Jan 1927
7 items

IH C/9 Letters from Amma C.
7 items, typescript
Written from Tinnevelley, India

IH C/10 Letters from Robert Chalmers
15 items

IH C/11 Correspondence with Ananda Coomaraswamy
undated, 1943-7
3 bundles, ms and typescript
Written from Boston, United States
With notes

IH C/11/1 Correspondence
31 items

IH C/11/2 Postcards
undated, 1943-7
84 items

IH C/11/3 Notes
1 bundle

IH C/12 Correspondence with Doña Luisa Coomaraswamy
undated, 1947-55
45 items, ms and typescript
Written from Boston, United States

IH C/13 Correspondence with Carmen Dragonetti
18 items, ms and typescript
Written from Buenos Aires, Argentina

IH C/14 Letters from Miles Hare
undated, 1942-55
89 items, ms and typescript
Mainly written from Colombo, Ceylon
With notes and poems
Also with some airgraphs and letters about his will and obituary, 1958-9

IH C/15 Postcards and letters from Anne Horner
19 items
With a draft will

IH C/16 Letters from Frith Horner
62 items in 2 bundles
Written while on active service with the Royal Navy and the Royal Naval Air Service
With 1 photograph, 2 business cards, a postcard and a press cutting

IH C/16/1 
Sep 1913-Nov 1915

IH C/16/2 
Dec 1915-Dec 1917

IH C/17 Letter from Leonard Horner
13 Oct 1935
1 item

IH C/18 Letters from Nicholas Abeydeera Jayawickrama
32 items, typescript
Written from Peradeniya and Colombo, Ceylon

IH C/19 Letters from Gordon Hannington Luce
13 items
With notes

IH C/20 Letters from Gunapala Piyasena Malalasekera
15 items, ms and typescript
Written from Moscow, Russia, and Colombo, Ceylon

IH C/21 Correspondence with Avadh Kishore Narain
20 items, typescript
Written from Madison, United States

IH C/22 Correspondence with Nyanaponika Mahathera
42 items, ms and typescript
Mainly written from Kandy, Ceylon

IH C/23 Correspondence with Diana Paul
14 items, ms and typescript
Written from Stanford, United States

IH C/24 Letters from Caroline Rhys Davids
undated, 1925-42
232 items in 3 bundles, ms and typescript
English and French

IH C/24/1 
Nov 1925-Jan 1937

IH C/24/2 
Feb 1937-Feb 1940

IH C/24/3 
undated, Mar 1940-Jun 1942

IH C/25 Letters from William Henry Denham Rouse
18 items, ms and printed
With a press cutting of Rouse's obituary

IH C/26 Letters from Helmer Smith
13 items
Written from Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden

IH C/27 Letters from Dorothea Jane Stephen
30 items, ms and typescript
Written from Mysore, Vepery and Madras, India, and London
With 7 photographs and a press cutting

IH C/28 Letters from Margaret Stutley
undated, 1972-8
11 items

IH C/29 Correspondence with Thich Tri Chon
113 items in 1 folder, ms and typescript
Written from Nalanda, India
With photographs

IH C/30 Correspondence with Edward Joseph Thomas
10 items, ms and typescript
Includes a copy of Thomas' obituary and a letter about his library, 1959

IH C/31 Letters from Frank Lee Woodward
45 items
Written from Rowella, Tasmania
With notes, poems and press cuttings

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IH F Family and Personal Papers

IH F/1 School reference
28 Feb 1912
1 item

IH F/2 Degree certificates from Cambridge University
17 Sep 1934
2 rolls, ms and printed, with seals, in a cardboard tube
BA, 1917, and MA, 1934

IH F/3 Valuation of 30 Dawson Place, London
Jan 1962
1 pamphlet, typescript
With a letter about the purchase of the house, 7 Jun 1963

IH F/4 Honorary degree certificate from Ceylon University
23 Dec 1964
1 sheet, ms and printed

IH F/5 Honorary fellowship certificate from the Sri Lanka Sahitya Mandalaya (Ceylon Academy of Letters)
5 Sep 1965
1 roll, illuminated, with a seal, in a cardboard tube

IH F/6 Curriculum vitae
12 May 1978
1 sheet, typescript

IH F/7 Isaline Blew
Postcard from Anne Horner
27 Jun 1933
1 item

IH F/8 Isaline Blew
Letters and postcards from Isaline Horner
Apr-Jun 1922, 1931-3
9 items
Written from India and France

IH F/9 Elsie Butler
Draft short stories
1 file, typescript
Titled 'The Stranger Within Their Gates', 'Identical Twins', 'Paper Boats', and 'The Dark Lady'

IH F/10 Elsie Butler
Outline of a book about India
1 bundle, typescript
Titled 'An Indian Notebook 1935-6'
Comprises a list of illustrations, a table of contents and a sample extract about the government guest house in Mysore

IH F/11 Elsie Butler
Humorous poems about Newnham College, Cambridge
undated, 1933
1 bundle, ms and typescript

IH F/12 Elsie Butler
Draft articles about wartime work as a nurse
1 bundle, typescript
Elsie Butler worked on the Russian Front during the First World War
Comprises articles about Thessaloniki, Greece; the Russian word 'sichas'; Rome, Italy; and Serbia and Macedonia

IH F/13 Elsie Butler
Copy article on Ceylon
1 bundle, typescript

IH F/14 Elsie Butler
Draft satirical sketch
1 bundle, typescript
Titled 'The Goethe Bicentenary or Chaos is Come Again'. This sketch was a response to the Goethe celebrations, 1949
With a letter to Isaline Horner from John Evelyn, 18 Apr 1967

IH F/15 Elsie Butler
Draft lecture on religious festivals in India
1 bundle
With notes on religious festivals

IH F/16 Elsie Butler
Copy broadcast about Jane Harrison
5 Mar 1951
1 bundle, typescript
Broadcast on the BBC Third Programme

IH F/17 Elsie Butler
Notes for a story set in Burma
1 vol

IH F/18 Elsie Butler
Miscellaneous papers
undated, 1953
1 bundle, typescript and printed
Comprises a press cutting, undated; a programme, undated; and a menu, 20 Nov 1953

IH F/19 Elsie Butler
Letters and papers about the award of an honorary degree from Oxford University
Feb-Jul 1959
1 bundle
Includes 3 letters from Maurice Bowra, 1 Mar-8 Jun 1959
Also includes press cuttings, programme, invitations, and copies of speeches
English and Latin

IH F/20 Elsie Butler
1 bundle, typescript and printed
With order of service, 7 Dec 1959

IH F/21 C. J. Hamilton
Farewell address from the students of the Economics Department, Patna College, India
19 Apr 1926
1 textile roll, printed and embroidered, in a decorated metal tube

IH F/22 Anne Horner
Letters of condolence on the death of her son Frith Horner
1 bundle, in a leather case
With 2 postcards of the staff of the Royal Naval Air Service Airship Station at Caldale, Orkney Islands

IH F/23 Anne Horner
Letters from Isaline Horner
1921-3, 1939
75 items in 3 bundles
Written from Ceylon; India; Burma; Kenya; and Zanzibar
With a postcard from France, 17 Aug 1939

IH F/23/1 
Dec 1921-Apr 1922

IH F/23/2 
May-Sep 1922

IH F/23/3 
Oct 1922-May 1923, 1939

IH F/24 Frith Horner
Postcard from Anne Horner
4 Feb 1903
1 item

IH F/25 Frith Horner
Photograph albums
2 vols
Taken while on active service with the Royal Navy and the Royal Naval Air Service

IH F/25/1 
Comprises photographs of HMS Vanguard and the Airship Station at Imbros and Lemnos, Greece
With a sketch

IH F/25/2 
undated [1916-17]
Comprises photographs of the Airship Sations at Imbros, Lemnos and Kassandra, Greece, and Caldale, Orkney Islands
With a poem

IH F/26 Frith Horner
1 vol
This scrapbook may have been compiled or completed by his mother or sister as a tribute to Frith Horner after his death in 1917
Comprises photographs at the family homes at Walthamstow, Essex, Snaresbrook, Essex, Bedford Park, London, and Warlingham, Surrey; at school at Belvedere, Brighton, the Royal Naval College, Osborne, and the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth; on holiday at Southwold, Suffolk, Studland, Dorset, Wimereux and Étaples, France, and the Götha Canal, Germany; and on duty with the Royal Navy on HMS Cumberland, HMS Cornwallis and HMS Vanguard, and with the Royal Naval Air Service at Roehampton, Surrey, and at the Airship Stations at Capel near Folkestone, Kent, Imbros, Lemnos and Kassandra, Greece, and Caldale, Orkney Islands
Includes postcards, letters, school reports, xray of hand, press cuttings, poem, naval papers and sketches

IH F/27 Leonard Horner
Letter from Frith Horner
21 Dec 1914
1 item

IH F/28 Leonard Horner
Letter from Isaline Horner
27 Apr 1923
1 item
Written from Kenya

IH F/29 Leonard Horner
Notes on family history
1 folder
Partly compiled by William Sims Horner
Comprises notes on the Horner, Williams, Bridger, Leigh and Questel families
With certificates and papers relating to the freedom and livery of the Cordwainers' Company and the freedom of the City of London, 1882-3; photograph of bomb damage near St Paul's Cathedral, London and notes on damage to property of the Cordwainers' Company, 1940; curriculum vitae, undated; papers about the will of Mary Anne Horner and property in Gellygaer, Glamorgan, 1905-12, 1923, 1935; schedule of deeds relating to property in Hempstead, Essex, 18 Feb 1936; press cutting about Isaline Horner's trip to Ceylon with Eileen Howroyd, 1939; Bacon's County Map of Essex; 2 sketches of furniture, undated

IH F/30 Leonard Horner
Family photograph album
undated, 1884-5
1 pamphlet
Comprises photographs at the family home at Fern Hill, Walthamstow, Essex; and on duty with the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Essex Regiment, Aldershot, and the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers

IH F/31 Leonard Horner
Photograph album of the Pyrénées Orientales, France
1 vol

IH F/32 Horner family
Funeral sermon of Henry Ruse of Hempstead, Essex
1 pamphlet
Preached by Henry Havers at Stambourne, Essex, and transcribed by Daniel Rawling of Helions Bumpstead, Essex, 10 Aug 1707
With lists of births, baptisms, marriages and deaths in the Horner family of Hempstead, Essex, 1751-1830
Also includes an inventory, 16 Apr 1748

IH F/33 Horner family
Invitation to the wedding of Leonard Horner and Anne Horner
19 Sep 1893
1 item, printed

IH F/34 Horner family
Investment accounts
1 vol
Mainly blank

IH F/35 Horner family
Photograph album
1 vol
Includes photographs of Leonard Horner, Anne Horner and Isaline Horner on holiday at Colfosco, Italy; Haute Savoie and Normandy, France; and St Leonards, Sussex
With loose photographs and 3 silhouettes

IH F/36 Horner family
Miscellaneous family photographs
undated, 1897-1940
1 box of black and white prints
Includes copies of photographs mounted in the family photograph albums

IH F/37 Eleanor McDougall
History of the Women's Christian College, Madras, India, 1915-25
ca. 1925
1 vol, printed

IH F/38 Williams family
Coats of arms of the Williams family of Tophill, Gellygaer, Glamorgan
2 framed paintings
A note on the reverse of one of the paintings reads 'The Gift of Sr Charles Townley Knt Clarenceux King of Arms. 1764. to William Williams Vicar of Snaith in the County of York. Born at Llancayach in the County of Glamorgan January 11th 1711'

IH F/39 Unknown
Poem about Isaline Horner
Mar 1917
3 sheets
Written at Newnham College, Cambridge

IH F/40 Unknown
Love poem
Jun 1923
1 folder

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IH S Photographs

IH S/1 Photograph album of Prior's Field, Surrey
1 vol

IH S/2 Photograph album of Newnham College, Cambridge
1 vol
Includes loose photographs, postcards and press cuttings about the College's jubilee celebrations, 1921

IH S/3 Photograph albums of India, Ceylon and Burma
undated, 1922-3
3 vols

IH S/3/1 
Jan-Sep 1922
Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Madurai, Srirangam, Bangalore, Nandi Drug, Mysore, Mamallapuram, Melukote, Shravana Belgola, Belur, Halebid, Somnathpur, Kanchipuram, Dohnavur, Tiruvallur and Kunnamkulam, India

IH S/3/2 
Bhamo and Pagan, Burma; Daulatabad, Ellora, Ajanta, Allahabad, Benares, Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Gwalior and Sanchi, India

IH S/3/3 
undated, Jun 1922-Jan 1923
Kandy and Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Mysore, Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Cochin and Kayankulam, India
Includes some postcards and loose photographs

IH S/4 Photographs of India, Ceylon, Kenya and Uganda
1 box of black and white prints

IH S/5 Photographs of miscellaneous places
undated, 1928-61
24 black and white and colour prints
Includes Newnham College, Cambridge, undated (1); Ceylon, 1928, 1961 (13); and Isaline Horner's home in London, undated (4)

IH S/6 Photograph of the fellows of Newnham College, Cambridge
1 black and white print
Includes Isaline Horner and Elsie Butler

IH S/7 Photographs of the sculpture of Isaline Horner at Newnham College, Cambridge
5 items
The bronze head was made by Gertrude Hermes and presented by Isaline Horner to Newnham College
With a press cutting, 1 Nov 1957

IH S/8 Photographs of official visits and presentations
undated, 1948-78
1 box of black and white and colour prints

IH S/9 Photographs of Isaline Horner and Elsie Butler
undated, 1952-8
15 black and white prints

IH S/10 Photographs of Isaline Horner and friends
undated, 1918-79
1 box of black and white and colour prints

IH S/11 Postcard albums
undated, 1924-9
3 vols

IH S/11/1 
Rangoon and Pagan, Burma; Colombo, Kandy and Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Chartres, Blois and Paris, France; Madurai, Srirangam, Trichinopoly, Bangalore, Mysore, Seringapatam, Madras, Kodaikanal, Ootacamund, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and Benares, India; Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Milan, Pavia, Parma, Bologna, Ravenna and Florence, Italy; Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu, Kenya; Funchal, Madeira; Eskdale, Dumfries and Galloway, and Mull, Inner Hebrides; Durban and Cape Town, South Africa; Luzern, Lake Lugano, Locarno, Andermatt and Gletsch, Switzerland; Jinja, Uganda; Zanzibar

IH S/11/2 
Innsbruck, Wesenufer and Vienna, Austria; Canary Islands; Hastings, Sussex, St Leonards, Sussex, and Rye, Sussex; Dinan, Saint-Malo, Angers, La Roche-Tinard, Le Mans, Chartres, Peisey-Nancroix, Saint-Bon, Dauphiné and Grenoble, France; Passau, Germany; Esztergom and Budapest, Hungary; Florence, Fiesole, Pisa, Perugia, Assisi, Misurina, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Predazzo, Verona, Riva del Garda, Madonna di Campiglio, Bolzano, Siusi, Weisslahnbad, Bormio and Venice, Italy; Bergen, Trondheim, Vadheim, Olden, Merok, Molde and Ulvik, Norway; Lisbon, Portugal; St Moritz, Switzerland

IH S/11/3 
Hallstatt and Salzkammergut, Austria; Knossos, Crete; Trogir, Croatia; Prague, Czechoslovakia; Drewsteignton, Devon, and Burford, Oxfordshire; Amiens, Rouen, Caudebec, Allouville-Bellefosse, Lisieux, Caen, Bayeux, Falaise, Lyons-la-Fôret, Évreux and Montreuil-sur-Mer, France; Munich, Germany; Athens, Corinth, Mycenae, Delphi, Epidavros and Naflio, Greece; Madeira

IH S/12 Miscellaneous postcards
12 items
Includes France, England and Burma
Also includes 1 postcard of Frith Horner's airship

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