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Staff Lists

Arabic & Persian Studies

Arabic & Persian Studies Teaching Staff

Dr Paul Anderson University Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies
Prof. Amira K Bennison Professor of the History and Culture of the Maghrib
Mr Samuel Carlshamre Lector in Arabic
Mrs Farida El Keiy Language Teaching Officer in Arabic
Prof. Khaled Fahmy His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Sa'id Professor of Modern Arabic Studies
Dr Mahbod Ghaffari Associate in Persian Language and Culture
Dr Rachael Harris Senior Language Teaching Officer in Arabic
Ms Saussan Khalil Lector in Arabic (on leave)
Dr Andrew Marsham Reader in Classical Arabic Studies
Prof. Charles Melville Professor of Persian History
Prof. James Montgomery Sir Thomas Adams's Professor of Classical Arabic
Dr Charis Olszok University Lecturer in Modern Arabic Literature and Culture
Dr Christine van Ruymbeke Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Senior Lecturer in Persian Studies
Research Associates
Dr Arthur Dudney Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Nathaniel Miller Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Elizabeth Monier Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Krisztina Szilágyi Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Affiliated Staff
Prof. François de Blois Affiliated Researcher
Dr Julian Hargraves Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden Senior Research Associate, Faculty of Classics
Dr Annabel Keeler Affiliated Researcher
Dr Firuza Melville Affiliated Lecturer
Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams Affiliated Researcher
Dr Ursula Sims-Williams Affiliated Researcher
Prof. Yasir Suleiman Emeritus Professor of Modern Arabic Studies
Dr Lydia Wilson Affiliated Researcher

Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies Teaching Staff

Dr Adam Yuet Chau University Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Modern China
Dr Imre Galambos Reader in Chinese Studies
Ms Shen-hsing Hong Teaching Associate in Chinese
Dr Heather Inwood University Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture
Prof. Roel Sterckx Joseph Needham Professor of Chinese History, Science and Civilization
Prof. Hans van de Ven Professor of Modern Chinese History
Dr Justin Winslett Teaching Associate in Classical and Literary Chinese
Ms Emma Wu Language Teaching Officer in Chinese
Dr Boping Yuan Reader in Chinese Language and Linguistics

Research Associates

Dr Yanyu Guo Research Associate
Dr Junqing Wu Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Affiliated Staff

Mr Charles Aylmer Head of Chinese Department, Cambridge University Library
Dr Mary Brazelton University Lecturer in Global Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Dr Uradyn Bulag Reader in Social Anthropology, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Dr Sally Church Affiliated Researcher
Dr Susan Daruvala Emeritus University Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese Literature
Dr James Lin Senior Assistant Keeper of Applied Arts, Fitzwilliam Museum
Chinese Art History
Dr Kun-Chin LIN Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Studies
Prof. Sir Geoffrey Lloyd Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Science, Faculty of Classics
Scholar in residence, Needham research Institute
Dr Michael Loewe Emeritus Lecturer in Chinese Studies 
Dr Joe McDermott Emeritus Reader in Chinese History
Prof. David McMullen Emeritus Professor of Chinese
Prof. Jianjun Mei Director, Needham Research Institute
Mr John Moffett Librarian, Needham Research Institute

Dr Robert Weatherley

Affiliated Lecturer in Chinese Politics

Hebrew & Semitic Studies

Hebrew & Semitic Studies Teaching Staff

Dr Aaron Hornkohl Language Teaching Officer in Modern Hebrew
Prof. Geoffrey Khan Regius Professor of Hebrew
Dr Yaron Peleg Kennedy Leigh Reader in Modern Hebrew
Dr Michael Chaim Rand University Lecturer in Hebrew & Aramaic
Reasearch Associate
Dr Naures Atto Research Associate
Ms Catherine Hirst Research Assistant
Dr Shai Heijmans Research Associate in Hebrew & Aramaic
Dr Benjamin Kantor Research Associate in Biblical Hebrew Philology
Dr Roman Vaters Leverhulme Fellow
Affiliated Staff
Dr Menna Abukhadra Israel Institute Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr Tali Artman-Partok Teaching Associate, Faculty of Divinity
Dr Shana Cohen Affiliated Lecturer
Prof. Nicholas de Lange Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Dr Amal Marogy Affiliated Researcher
Dr Ben Outhwaite Affiliated researcher
Prof. Christiaan van der Merwe Affiliated researcher
Dr Nadia Vidro Affiliated Researcher
Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner Affiliated Lecturer

Indian Studies

Indian Studies Teaching Staff

Dr Eivind Kahrs Reader in Sanskrit
Mr Aishwarj Kumar Language Teaching Officer in Hindi
Dr Vincenzo Vergiani University Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit
Affiliated Researchers
Dr Robert Harding Affiliated Researcher in Indian Languages and Cultures

Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies Teaching Staff

Prof. Mikael (Mickey) Adolphson Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies
Mrs Toshimi Boulding  Lector in Japanese
Dr Miki Kawabata Senior Language Teaching Officer in Japanese
Dr Barak Kushner Reader in Japanese History
Dr Laura Moretti University Senior Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies
Dr John Nilsson-Wright University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics and International Relations
Dr Brigitte Steger  University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Studies
Dr Victoria Young Kawashima Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Culture
Research Staff
Dr Casper Wits Research Associate
Affiliated Staff
Prof. Richard Bowring Emeritus Professor of Japanese Studies
Dr Simon Kaner Affiliated Lecturer
Prof. Peter Kornicki Emeritus Professor of Japanese Studies
Noboru Koyama Head of the Japanese Department at Cambridge University Library Emeritus
Mrs Haruko Laurie Senior Language Teaching Officer in Japanese Emeritus
Dr Mark Morris University Lecturer Emeritus in Japanese Cultural History
Dr Kristin H. Williams Head of Japanese Section, Cambridge University Library
Administrative Staff
Freddie Semple Executive Assistant to Prof. Adolphson

Library & Administrative Staff

Faculty Administrative Staff

Ms Francesca Barraud Undergraduate Programmes Administrator
Ms Ros Boswell Outreach Administrator
Mr Tony Brinkman Custodian
Ms Lucy Cavan Graduate Programmes Administrator
Ms Caroline Coetzee Web Officer
Ms Jill Cooper Senior Accounts Clerk
Mr Steve Fagg Faculty Computer Officer
Mr David Martin Faculty Manager
Mrs Andrea Newman Graduate Programmes Administrator
Ms Susie Nightingale Deputy Administrator

Faculty Library Staff

Mrs Miki Jacobs Senior Library Assistant
Mr Nathaniel Johnson Library Assistant
Ms Fiona Mossman Library Assistant
Mrs Françoise Simmons Faculty Librarian