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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



Chinese is usually taken as a single language alongside cultural and historical courses offered within the Faculty and across the University.

Because of the demanding nature of the course, you will not usually be able to combine Chinese with another language. It is occasionally possible to combine Japanese and Chinese, if you can show an appropriate level of aptitude and commitment. If you are interested in combining Chinese and Japanese, please speak with us.

It is not possible to combine Chinese with Middle Eastern languages or courses from the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages. 

The details of each course are given below. Some are core courses which everybody studying Chinese must complete. From Part IB onwards, you will have a choice of options alongside these.

  • Part IA: you will be expected to complete all courses listed below.
  • Part IB: you will be expected to complete C.4, C.5, C.6 and C.O alongside the following options:
    • Either C.7 or C.8
    • One out of C.7, C.8, J.6, J.8, J.9, J.10, AMES.1 or X.3
  • Before starting Part II, you will spend at least eight months in China during your year abroad
  • Part II: you will be expected to complete C.11, C.12 and C.O alongside:
    • Two out of C.13, C.14, C.15, C.16, C.17, C.18, C.19, C.20, C.21, subject to availability
    • Dissertation on a subject approved by our Faculty Board



Courses below are correct for 2020 / 2021


The year abroad


Dr Chau teaches courses on Chinese culture and social anthropology

Dr Galambos teaches undergraduate literary Chinese as well as courses on Chinese history, relating closely to his research work.

I teach undergraduate and graduate classes on Chinese history, literature, and religion, as well as Classical Chinese.

Dr Heather Inwood
Currently on sabbatical

Dr Inwood teaches undergraduate courses on Chinese literature and film. This ties in closely with her research into contemporary Chinese culture.

Prof van de Ven teaches undergraduate courses in Chinese history

Ms Wu teaches Chinese language at all levels to undergraduates.

Dr Yuan has designed modern Chinese syllabi for both the undergraduate program and the two-year M.Phil in Chinese Studies and teaches Chinese Language and Linguistics

Shen-Hsing teaches undergraduate Chinese language courses.

Dr Weatherley teaches courses relating to Chinese society, culture and politics