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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Japanese is usually taken as a single language alongside cultural and historical courses offered within the Faculty and across the University.

Because of the demanding nature of the course, you will not usually be able to combine Japanese with another language. It is occasionally possible to combine Japanese and Chinese, if you can show an appropriate level of aptitude and commitment. If you are interested in combining Japanese and Chinese, please speak with us.

It is not possible to combine Japanese with Middle Eastern languages or courses from MML. 

The details of each of the courses that go to make up the Japanese programme are given below. Some are core courses which everybody studying Japanese must complete. From Part IB onwards, you will have a choice of options alongside these.

  • Part IA: you will be expected to complete all courses listed below.
  • Part IB: you will be expected to complete J.4, J.5, J.6 and J.O alongside the following options:
    • One out of J.7, J.8, J.9, J.10
    • One out of J.7, J.8, J.9, J.10, C.7, C.8, AMES.1 or X.3
  • Before starting Part II, you will spend at least eight months in Japan during your year abroad
  • Part II: you will be expected to complete J.11, J.12 and J.O alongside:
    • Two out of J.13, J.14, J.15, J.19, EAS.2, K.1, with the proviso that J.13 cannot be
      combined with K.1
    • Dissertation on a subject approved by our Faculty Board


Courses below are correct for 2020 / 2021

The year abroad


Professor Adolphson teaches a range of courses from a first-year introduction of East Asian Studies and occasionally a first-year text class to advanced seminars on hentai kanbun and Japanese history. 

Dr Kawabata is a senior member of the Japanese teaching staff, teaching Japanese language to undergraduates at all levels.

Prof. Kushner teaches undergraduate courses relating to modern East Asian history.

Dr Moretti teaches a range of Japanese undergraduate courses, with a focus on Japanese literature up to the 19th century and premodern Japanese.

Dr Nilsson-Wright teaches courses relating East Asian politics and international relations, with a particular focus on North and South Korea.

Dr Steger teaches courses relating to Japanese society.

Dr Young teaches papers in modern and contemporary Japanese literature, and Japanese cinema.

Mrs Boulding has been teaching Japanese at this faculty since 2004. She also provides language supervisions to undergraduate students.