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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

06 January 2022
Two YouTube videos of the Inaugural Lecture of the Yin-Cheng Distinguished Lecture Series (印證佛學傑出學術系列講座) have been published.

22 December 2021
Building on a generous anonymous donation, the goal of the campaign is to build up this bursary to expand what we can offer students in need.

21 December 2021
The latest issue of the Chinese Studies newsletter has now been published.

07 December 2021
In December of each year Choice publishes its list of Outstanding Academic Titles.

02 December 2021
The Chinese translation of Men to Devils, Devils to Men: Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice was named the best translation of 2021 by the Openbook award in Taiwan.

30 November 2021
A YouTube channel has been lunched featuring video recordings of several recent talks from the Faculty's "Dunhuang & Silk Road" seminar series

26 November 2021
Joseph has been awarded the Ivan Morris prize for his undergraduate dissertation: Laughing all the Way: A Study of Santō Kyōden’s “Godō Meisho Hitori Annai” 悟衟迷所獨案内

23 November 2021
The Japan Studies section of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is delighted to announce the extension until 2028 of the Cambridge-Toshiba Japan and the World Scholarship.

22 November 2021
Tatekawa Shinoharu reflects on his collaboration with the University of Cambridge Summer School in Early Modern Japanese Palaeography

09 November 2021
On Tuesday 2nd November 2021, colleagues, fellows, and friends gathered to celebrate Michael Loewe’s 99th birthday in St John’s College’s Old Music Room. Organised principally by David McMullen, Sarah Allan, and Michael Nylan, the evening saw guests raise a toast to Michael and his incredible legacy in Sinology. A festschrift honouring him was announced and speeches were made – with Roel Sterckx even producing a note from Michael dating back to 2007. Michael himself was of good cheer, and it was certainly an evening to remember!

09 November 2021
The pig has long been a cornerstone of Chinese communities, playing a crucial role in the economies and the spiritual life of villages for the past 8,000 years. Recently however, Sino-porcine relations have become more distant.

08 November 2021
Red army veterans play a powerful role in Chinese state propaganda, all the more so in 2021, the CCP’s centenary year. By contrast, events to honour nationalist soldiers, who were the mainstay of China’s resistance against the Japanese in the 1940s, have to keep a lower profile.

08 November 2021
The finalised programme has been announced of the conference "From Morning Hunt to Beloved Gazelle: Literary and Visual Representations of Animals from Central Asia to the Maghreb" organised by Charis Olszok, Christine van Ruymbkeke and Christiane Esche-Ramshorn in association with CRASSH. The conference is fully online from December 15-17, GMT and one of the two keynote presentations will be given by James Montgomery.

08 November 2021
The University's Virtual Subject Masterclasses are subject-specific events that offer academically able students in Year 12 (or equivalent) the chance to experience typical undergraduate teaching at the University of Cambridge, and to get a flavour of what it's like to be a student here. Students currently in Year 13 (or equivalent) are also welcome to attend. The Masterclasses cover a range of subjects and provide students with an opportunity to explore topics of interest beyond what's covered within the school curriculum.

01 November 2021
Dr Nilsson-Wright looks ahead to tomorrow's election in Japan.