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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

06 June 2023
Many congratulations go to Dr Michelle Quay (who received her PhD in Persian Literature from Cambridge in 2017) who has won the Inaugural Mo Habib Translation Prize at the University of Washington. Her translation of Reza Ghassemi's novel "Woodwind Harmony in the Nighttime" will be published with the MELC and Deep Vellum Publishings. Dr Quay, who now teaches at Brown University, is also co-organiser with Dr Annabel Keeler of the Persian Literature Reading sessions at this Faculty.

21 April 2023
The Japanese Studies Group at the University of Cambridge is thrilled to announce a generous donation from Mitsubishi Corporation London Branch to support our Summer School in Early Modern Japanese Palaeography.

07 March 2023
Congratulations to our students for their excellent performance at The Eighteenth Japanese Speech Contest for University Students, held on Saturday 4 March 2023

24 January 2023
Decades old question about Meiji era message in a bottle answered by Japanese Studies research group.

15 December 2022
A grammatical problem which has defeated Sanskrit scholars since the 5th Century BC has finally been solved by former FAMES PhD student. Rishi Rajpopat made the breakthrough by decoding a rule taught by “the father of linguistics” Pāṇini.

08 November 2022
Issue 17 of the Japan and the World Newsletter is available now

12 August 2022
The Korean Studies Section at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is excited to announce the establishment of a new studentship to support Korean Studies at the University of Cambridge. The studentship is provided by the Yang Won Sun Foundation, a family foundation which has been generously supporting Korean Studies-related ventures around the world.

05 August 2022
Contested politics in South Koren: Democratic evolution, national identity and political partisanship

28 May 2019
Dr Paul Noorlander and Dorota Molin of the Hebrew and Semitic Sudies section share their experience of a recent field trip in Northern Iraq (KRG region), and give a general introduction to Neo-Aramaic, its long and rich history, and explain the causes for of its severe endangerment.

04 February 2019
Brigitte Steger is member of an interdisciplinary consortium at the University of Cambridge awarded a large UKRI grant to tackle plastic waste.