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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



What you learn at FAMES is up to you

  • Our courses introduce you to fascinating regions, languages and cultures; as you progress, you will have access to choices and options, based on your interests.

  • We are a small Faculty, so you will have significant amounts of dedicated attention to your work. Even the largest classes in the Faculty are small enough that you will have excellent opportunities to interact, both with staff and your fellow students. 

  • You will also have a chance to get to know your fellow students in the Faculty. Our students often develop close bonds, enjoying a collaborative work environment, as well as the wider pleasures which Cambridge has to offer.

  • The emphasis is always on using primary sources, original literary works, historical documents, films, first hand accounts, newspaper reports, art objects and so on.

  • You will have access to world class resources, including important collections in the University and Faculty Libraries. 

  • Your year abroad will give you unique access to the society and culture which shape your work.

  • You will have access to teachers who are outstanding scholars in their own right. The research carried out in the Faculty ranges from the most modern, cross border approaches to international relations and social anthropology, to the history, literature and culture of the near and distant past. Your teachers will be engaged in internationally recognised work, creating an exciting, challenging academic environment.

  • Our outreach events will give you a practical taste of what it's like to study with us before you decide to apply.