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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



Studying Middle Eastern or East Asian Studies can lead to a range of fascinating careers, both conventional and unexpected.

  • The languages we teach are in high demand.
  • The cultural knowledge and understanding you gain as an essential part of your studies prepares you to immerse yourself in life in the Middle East and East Asia.
  • We encourage the development of transferrable skills in confident and coherent written and verbal communication and independent thinking
  • You will have gained experience in research, sourcing, examining and interpreting evidence and in solving problems creatively and effectively.
  • You may discover and develop areas of interest, which might otherwise never have occurred to you.

It's no wonder that our graduates have moved into a wide range of interesting careers:

  • Commerce -  particularly in the emerging markets of the Middle East and East Asia.
  • International relations - working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or international agencies.
  • Development and charity - working on humanitarian projects.
  • Media - putting their skills to work reporting, researching or other careers in journalism and related areas.
  • Cultural sector - for example working in museums and galleries, writing or film making.
  • Education - sharing their knowledge with others.
  • Academic - continuing their studies to post-graduate level and beyond.