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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies




Subject to availability, Elementary Korean is available as an option to students studying Part IB Japanese or Chinese and Intermediated Korean to Part II Japanese or Chinese.

Topics relating to Korean history, politics and international relations are offered in a number of courses across the East Asian Studies degree.

Hindi and Sanskrit

Hindi and Sanskrit are offered as options alongside any language choice in Middle Eastern Studies.


  • Hindi is offered as an option from Part IB onwards
  • The emphasis is on grammar and vocabulary, covering both the formal and informal forms of the language
  • You will learn to speak, listen, read and write in an integrated way


  • Sanskrit is offered as an option in Part II
  • The course aims to cover the whole of Sanskrit grammar and introduces some of the essential features and concepts of pre-modern South Asian civilisation and literary culture



Korean - EAS option
K.1 Modern Korean 1
Part IB
K.2 Modern Korean 2
Part II


Dr Duquette teaches intermediate and advanced Sanskrit texts as well as papers on Hinduism and Indian philosophy.


Dr Vergiani teaches Sanskrit

Lecturers Dr Mihye Harker

Dr Harker currently teaches Korean at the Language Centre and K.1 Modern Korean1 and K.2 Modern Korean2.

Lecturers Dr Nuri Kim
Lecturers Aishwarj Kumar

Mr Kumar teaches Hindi