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[ Full listing with abstracts and speaker biographies ]

Lent Term 2018

1. Christoph Anderl, “An Analysis of Po Mo Bian 破魔變 ‘Destruction of Māra Transformation Text’ ”; 25 January 2018

2. Imre Hamar, “Bodhisattva on Six Tusked White Elephant: Samantabhadra Texts and Images in Dunhuang”; 1 February 2018

3. Wang Yong, “From Silk to Gold: International Currency in Pre-modern East Asia”; 8 February 2018

4. Tang Li, “Medieval Travelogues on Buddhist, Christian and Muslim Communities along the Silk Road in China”; 1 March 2018

5. Feng Jing, “How Knowledge was Organized and Accepted in Medieval China: Editorial Skills and Reading Strategies Reflected in Dunhuang Encyclopedias”; 8 March 2018

6. Christine Mollier, “Talismans to Pacity the Tomb: Archeological Evidence from Dunhuang”; 15 March 2018

Easter Term 2018

1. George Keyworth, “Marginalia on Buddhist Manuscripts from Dunhuang and Japan”; 3 May 2018

2. Stefano Zacchetti, “Exegetical Strategies in Early Chinese Buddhist Commentaries (2nd–4th centuries CE)”; 17 May 2018

3. Li Lingling, “Chuxueji 初學記 and Education in the Tang Dynasty”; 24 May 2018

4. Kitsudo Koichi, “Text and Painting in Uyghur Buddhism with Parallels to Tangut Materials”; 31 May 2018

5. Christopher Nugent, “A Tang Miscellany Found at Dunhuang as a Part of Literary Training in Medieval China”; 7 June 2018

6. Hajni Elias, “Women’s Work (Nüshi 女事): Women’s Role in the Production and Sale of Alcohol in Han China”; 14 June 2018

Michaelmas Term 2018

1. Yang Huan, Tracing the Sources of Tangut Stories in Mongolian and Tibetan Historical Records”; 8 November 2018

2. Lin Peiying, “The Relationship between a Japanese Royal Portrait and Tang Royal Murals: On the Materiality of the Cultural Identity of the Tang”; 15 November 2018

3. Jonathan Silk, “A Window into Sino-Tibetan Pure Land Practices at Dunhuang”; 22 November 2018

4. Wang Lina, “The Book Collections of Buddhist Monasteries in Chang’an and Cultural Interaction”; 29 November 2018

5. Peng Xiangqian, “The Diversity of Tangut Culture in light of the Tangut Calendar”; 6 December 2018

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Reader in Chinese
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