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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Rooms 8 & 9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Event date: 
Wednesday, 6 February, 2019 - 17:00 to 18:30

China Research Seminar Series talk given by Prof. Kent Deng, London School of Economics

This talk will highlight China's painful transition from a well-established socio-political and economic system for an empire to essentially a nation-state of the European type. The transition lasted from circa 1850 to now. China's economic performance has been at the mercy of such a transition. The main landmarks have been (1) 'Chinese learning as the foundation and Western knowledge for utility', (2) 'Russian (Soviet) learning as the foundation and Russian (Soviet) knowledge for utility, and (3) 'Russian (Soviet) learning as the foundation and Western knowledge for utility'.Generally, when Western knowledge for utility applied, China's economy performed better.

Kent Deng is Professor of Economic History at the London School of Econonics. His main research interests are in China's literati, peasantry, merchants, institutions and technology. Details of Prof. Deng's publications are available at Google Scholar, entry 'Kent Deng'.