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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Rooms 8 & 9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Event date: 
Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 17:00 to 18:30

China Research Seminar Series talk given by Timothy Cheek, University of British Columbia, David Ownby, Université de Montréal and Joshua Fogel, York University, Toronto

This week we have not one but three speakers. They are Timothy Cheek, David Ownby, and Joshua Fogel, who all teach at Canadian universities. They have been reading and translating the writings of China's establishment intellectuals, including those associated with the New Left, the New Confucians, and Liberals, to gain insight into public debate into China. You can find the results of their efforts here:

We will break with tradition this week, not only by having a panel of speakers, but also by not having a dinner afterwords. Normal service will resume on the 30th.

Timothy Cheek, Professor of Chinese Research, Institute of Asian Research and Department of History at the University of British Columbia, works on modern Chinese history, especially of the Chinese Communist Party and intellectuals. His most recent book is The Intellectual in Modern Chinese History (2015).

David Ownby is Professor of History and former Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the Université de Montréal. He has published extensively on contemporary Chinese religion (Falun Gong and the Future of China) and on contemporary Chinese intellectual life (

Joshua A. Fogel is a Sinologist, historian, and translator who specializes in the history of modern China, especially on the cultural and political relations between China and Japan. He has held a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada since 2005. (To which Josh added, since we got this from his web page, "and he deserves the Nobel Prize for working for all these years with Tim and David”).