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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Laurence Lockhart was born in London, 9 July 1890, and brought up in South Africa. He was educated at Charterhouse; Pembroke College, Cambridge, BA, 1913; and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, PhD, 1935. He worked for the Foreign Office during the First World War and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in Mexico, 1919-26, and Persia (Iran), 1926-30. He returned to the London office of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (from 1935, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company), 1930-9, and studied in his spare time for his PhD, 1930-5. He served with Royal Air Force Intelligence, 1940-4, and the Foreign Office Research Department, 1944-5. He returned to work for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1946-8. He was a talented photographer and he took an extensive series of photographs of Persia, 1920s-50s. He retired to England, settling in Buckinghamshire, 1948, and Cambridge, 1953, where he concentrated on research in eighteenth century Persian history. He married Cicely Sylvia Farmer, who died in 1959. He died in Barrington, Cambridgeshire, 3 May 1975.

The collection mainly comprises articles, lectures, notes and correspondence from 1936 - 1969

The Library also holds a collection of Lockhart's photographs of Persia, the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Europe, comprising 17 albums, 14 boxes of negatives and 1 cabinet of loose prints and negatives