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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


The photographs in the collection are of archaeological sites, monuments and temples in India, Pakistan and other regions of South Asia. The largest of the photographic collection is that of Sir John Marshall which came to the library in the 1960's. This consists of around 5,000 photographic positives mounted on card of temple sites, monuments and other sites of archaeological interest in India. There is a descriptive introduction written by Sir John Marshall. There is also a collection presented to the library in 1970 by Dr. S. Settar. This consists of 200 photographs of Indian archaeological sites and monuments. There is also a collection of photographic positives and negatives, which formerly belonged to Sir Mortimer Wheeler, of Indian archaeological sites.

The photographic collections are stored in box files with handlists and notes. Photographs of particular regions, sites or monuments are boxed together and most have handlists describing their contents.