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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Year abroad (Year 3) | Convenor: Dr Aaron D. Hornkohl

Your year abroad is one of the most exciting parts of your degree, offering you a unique opportunity to experience life in Israel first hand, while honing your language skills.

Where and what

  • Most students spend their Hebrew year abroad in Israel, at a major university in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa or Beer-Sheva.
  • All of these universities have special programmes for overseas students. Such programmes offer intensive language study with courses in subjects such as Israeli history, society, modern literature, Jewish thought, politics or Biblical studies.
  • Some students do voluntary work instead, for some or all of the year.​
  • You are expected to make the arrangements for your year abroad yourself, with the Faculty providing advice and support.

How long 

The year abroad covers a minimum of eight months. There are a further seven months between the end of your second year and the start of your fourth year of study to spend as you wish

  • If you are studying Full Hebrew, you will spend your entire year abroad in Israel
  • If you are combining Hebrew and Arabic, you will spend at least four months in an Arabic speaking country and at least three months in Israel
    More information about the Arabic year abroad
  • If you are combining Hebrew and Persian you will divide your time between Israel and Iran. It is often not possible to spend more than three months in Iran, in which case, you will spend the remainder of the year in Israel. Occasionally, entry into Iran is impossible, so students then spend time in Tajikistan, or sometimes study Persian elsewhere.
    More information about the Persian year abroad
  • If you are combining Hebrew with a lanaguage offered by the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages & Linguistics, you will spend at least eight months in Israel. You are not required to spend any time in a country relating to your European language

How is the year assessed?

  • During your year abroad, you will gather information towards a dissertation on a topic of your choice
  • You will write this dissertation during your fourth year
  • You will be given guidance on this before and during your year abroad
  • You are not required to take or pass any exams during your year abroad
  • During your fourth year, we will assess what you have achieved
    • in your oral exams
    • through your dissertation
    • by the impact of the knowledge and experience gained across your studies


There is information about fees and funding for the year abroad here.