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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


The Lattimore Collection is the personal library of Owen Lattimore (1900-1989), the scholar and traveler in Mongolia. The collection is on permanent loan to the Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies Unit.

The collection contains books concerning Mongolia and Central Asia including publications in Mongolian, Russian and other central Asian Languages. The subject content includes language and dictionaries, history, geography, economic and political development, anthropology and travel. There are also book concerning arts and religion. This is a reference collection only and items may not be removed from the Faculty Library.

Half of the collection are publications from Russia, China and Mongolia. These monographs and journals are not catalogued and housed in the basement. They can only be vewed on request.

The major strengths of the collection lie in the areas Mongolian history and culture and that of surrounding peoples such as Siberian, Tibetan and other central Asian peoples. The collection reflects the scholarly interests and enthusiasms of the original collector.