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For modern and contemporary Chinese Studies 2023-4, you need to choose three of the following papers:

  • Asia in Theory [team-taught; theoretical and methodological approaches; required paper for all MPhil students doing modern and contemporary Chinese Studies]
  • Advanced Readings in Chinese on a relevant subject [e.g., Qing and Republican historical documents, modern literary texts, etc.]
  • War and Modern China [Dr Xin Fan]
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature [Dr Heather Inwood]
  • The Anthropology of China [Dr Adam Yuet Chau]
  • The Politics of China [Prof William Hurst]
  • Chinese Linguistics [Dr Lucy Zhao]
  • Alternative exercise [to be arranged with specific instructors]

Most papers are assessed by long essays and research projects; some advanced text papers are assessed through an examination. Please note that not all papers will be available every year.

Subject to approval by the Degree Committee, a student who has special needs in disciplinary or other kinds of training can choose a paper from outside the Department or Faculty to serve as one of the option papers (called 'alternative exercise').

You can find out about the details of our graduate programmes (including brief course descriptions) in our online Graduate Handbook.