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Dr Nadia Vidro

Dr Nadia Vidro

Affiliated Researcher

Office Phone: 01223 335109


Dr. Nadia Vidro is an affiliated researcher in Hebrew Studies at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and a research associate at the Hebrew and Jewish Department, University College London. She holds a PhD in Hebrew Studies from Cambridge (2009), an MA in Jewish Studies (major), Islamic Studies (minor) and General Linguistics (minor) from the University of Cologne (2004) and a Diploma in Bio-physics from the Saratov State University, Russia (2000).

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

Nadia Vidro's primary research interests are Hebrew manuscripts and Jewish intellectual history.  Her field of specialism is medieval grammatical traditions, with a particular focus on the Karaite school of Hebrew grammatical thought. Karaite grammatical works, many of which are still unpublished, are based on linguistic theories that differ from the more widely known Rabbanite views underlying the modern model for describing Hebrew grammar. In her doctoral and postdoctoral research Nadia studied Karaite approaches to Hebrew verbal morphology as well as didactic tools used in Karaite pedagogical grammars. She is, furthermore, interested in the transmission of grammatical knowledge between the Muslim and the Karaite intellectual traditions. Recently, Nadia entered a new field of research: the history of the Jewish calendar, a subject that allows her to combine her interest in Jewish intellectual history with a background in sciences.                                                                                                                   

Key Publications

Vidro, N. A Karaite tool-kit for teaching Hebrew grammar. Journal of Jewish Studies, 64 (1), 2013, 98-118.

Vidro, N. A medieval Karaite pedagogical grammar of Hebrew: a critical edition and English translation of Kitāb al-ʿuqūd fī taṣārīf al-luġa al-ʿibrāniyya. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series. 2013, Brill.

Vidro, N. Verbal morphology in the Karaite treatise on Hebrew grammar Kitāb al-ʿuqūd fī taṣārīf al-luġa al-ʿibrāniyya. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series. 2011, Brill.

Vidro, N. A Newly Reconstructed Karaite Work on Hebrew Grammar. Journal of Semitic Studies, 54 (1), 2009, 169-178. doi:10.1093/jss/fgn046


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