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Collection of William Peter Max Walters (d. 1962), Biblical scholar

The collection, housed in two boxes, mainly comprises drafts of a book, articles, lectures, notes and correspondence from 1929-61.

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Collection of Bertram Sidney Thomas (1892-1950), Explorer

Bertram Thomas was born in Easton-in-Gordano, near Bristol, 13 June 1892. He was educated privately and was a fellow commoner at Trinity College, Cambridge, PhD. He worked in the Civil Service, 1908-14. He served with the North Somerset Yeomanry in Belgium, 1914-15, and the Somerset Light Infantry in Mesopotamia (Iraq), 1916-18. He was an Assistant Political Officer in Mesopotamia, 1918-22, and Assistant British Representative in Trans-Jordan (Jordan), 1922-4. He was appointed as Finance Minister and Wazir to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman (Oman), 1925-32.

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Collection of Henry Martyn Stumbles (?1873-1915), Missionary

Henry Stumbles was born in Lewisham, ca. 1873. He joined the Tibetan Pioneer Mission, established by Annie Royle Taylor, and was based in Kalimpong, 1894-5. He was educated at Edinburgh University, MB and Chb, 1902, and MD, 1910; Durham University, Bachelor of Hygiene and Diploma of Public Health, 1910; Strasbourg and Paris. He practised as a doctor at Amble, Northumbria, 1902-11, and Hove, Sussex, 1911-15. He died in Hove, 2 October 1915

The collection, housed in a single box, mainly comprises a manuscript, lectures, press cuttings and photographs, dating from 1895-1915.

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Collection of Rhys Davids family, Pali scholars

Thomas Rhys Davids was the son of Thomas William Davids, an ecclesiastical historian and pastor of Lion Walk Congregational Church, Colchester, Essex.

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Collection of Laurence Lockhart (1890-1975), Persian scholar

Laurence Lockhart was born in London, 9 July 1890, and brought up in South Africa. He was educated at Charterhouse; Pembroke College, Cambridge, BA, 1913; and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, PhD, 1935. He worked for the Foreign Office during the First World War and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in Mexico, 1919-26, and Persia (Iran), 1926-30. He returned to the London office of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (from 1935, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company), 1930-9, and studied in his spare time for his PhD, 1930-5.

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Collection of Isaline Blew Horner (1896-1981), Pali scholar

Isaline Horner was born in Walthamstow, 30 March 1896. She was educated at Prior's Field, Surrey, and Newnham College, Cambridge, BA, 1917, MA, 1934. She remained at Newnham College as Assistant Librarian, 1918-20, and Acting Librarian, 1920-1. She gave up her post to travel in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India and Burma (Myanmar), where she became interested in Buddhism, 1921-3. She returned to Newnham College as Librarian and fellow, 1923-36; Sarah Smithson Research Fellow, 1928-31; associate, 1931-59 and 1962-76; and associate fellow, 1939-49.

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Collection of Stanley Arthur Cook (1873-1949), Professor of Hebrew

Stanley Cook was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, 12 April 1873. He was educated at Wyggeston School, Leicester, and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, BA, 1894, MA, 1899. He was a member of the editorial staff of the Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1896-1903, and an editorial adviser to the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Biblical subjects. He also edited the publications of the Palestine Exploration Fund, 1902-32. He returned to Gonville and Caius College as a college lecturer in Hebrew, 1904-32, and Comparative Religion, 1912-20. He was Regius Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge University, 1932-8.

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Collection of John Brough (1917-84), Professor of Sanskrit

John Brough was born in Dundee, 31 August 1917. He was educated at Dundee High School; Edinburgh University, MA, 1939, DLitt, 1945; and St John's College, Cambridge, BA, 1941, MA, 1945. He worked in agriculture, 1940-4. He was appointed as a research fellow at St John's College, 1945-8, and Assistant Keeper in the Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts at the British Museum, 1944-6, where he worked on the catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts.

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