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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

06 November 2023
On 4 November 2023, Professor Barak Kushner and Dr Tom Barrett hosted Professor Nakamura Motoya and his research team from Japan to discuss the current state of modern Chinese history in Japan

Over the afternoon workshop, held in the Harley-Mason Room of Corpus Christi College, participants delivered four papers in English. The robust discussions that followed were held using Chinese, Japanese and English. Professors Aaron Moore from the University of Edinburgh, Dr Victor Louzon from the Sorbonne, Dr John Alekna from Peking University, Professor Aono Toshihiko from Hitotsubashi University joined, helping to broaden the perspectives. Graduate students from the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies attended, including On I Lam, Mariah Zhong, Siqi Hua, Naomi Watanabe, and Tanigawa Shun from Waseda University.


The presenters were:



Professor NAKAMURA Motoya(the University of Tokyo)


New Developments in the Study of Modern Chinese History in Japan: Research on the History of Reform and the era of Opening-Up




Mr YOKOYAMA Yuta (the University of Tokyo)


The Development of Chinese Marine Fisheries and Sino-Japanese Relations during the 1970s and the First Half of the 1980s




Dr YAMAGUCHI Sanae(Keio University)

New Perspectives on the History of Postwar Japan-China Relations: the Toyo Bunko Modern China Group “The History of Human Exchange between Postwar Japan and Greater China”




Dr KUBO Mariko(Saitama University)


Past Research and Future Issues Related to Modern Chinese History in Japan