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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

07 November 2023
Thomas P. Barrett has won the 10th Historical Society of Japan Prize (第10回史学会賞) for his article 'Qing Legation Members as Private Diplomatic Actors: D. B. McCartee’s Role in the Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Ryukyu Annexation' (「D.B.マッカーティと「琉球処分」問題——清朝在外公館における外国人館員の私的活動とその意義をめぐって」), published in volume 131, issue 2 of Shigaku Zasshi 史学雑誌 in 2022.

The Historical Society of Japan (Shigakukai), founded in 1889, is the oldest and largest scholarly organisation for historical research in Japan. Its journal, Shigaku Zasshi is the most prestigious and highly regarded of Japan’s historical journals. The Historical Society of Japan Prize was established in 2014 to celebrate the work of scholars under the age of 40 who have made a critical contribution to historiography in the Japanese language.

The award ceremony will take place at the 121st annual meeting of the Historical Society of Japan, at the Hongō campus of the University of Tokyo on November 11th 2023.

The award committee’s reasoning will be published soon at the following link (in Japanese):

For those interested in Dr Barrett’s article, it is available open access here (, with an abstract available in English here (