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Year Abroad

Currently our students spend the whole third year of their four-year course abroad, studying in the relevant country for the purpose of increasing fluency of language and understanding of the culture. While it is anticipated that the year abroad will continue to be a mandatory requirement of the course, the Faculty may not in future be able to offer the financial support it has done in the past.

Students still have to pay some fees to their home university during the year abroad, but the government has set a cap on this for future students of 15% of the usual fees.

The Student Loan Company  significantly increases the loan for students spending a year abroad (from up to £5,555 for students in Cambridge  to up to £6,600 for  students spending a year abroad next year) see and it also provides a means tested travel grant (3 journeys after the first £303 and help with essential expenses, medical insurance and visas) – see

In addition the Faculty provides a small amount of financial support – more if you have proven financial need.

Arrangements for this year abroad vary according to the subject studied: