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Dr Miki Kawabata

Senior Language Teaching Officer in Japanese

Fellow Commoner and AMES Director of Studies at Trinity Hall

Office Phone: 01223 335147


Miki Kawabata received her BA and MA in Sociology from Keio University in Japan. Her PhD in Anthropology and Sociology from SOAS, University of London, was on identity formation among the 'return' migrants from Peru to Okinawa. 

She received her training as a Japanese language teacher from the National Language Research Institute (now National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics) in Japan in 1987. Since then she has taught in Austria (University of Vienna), Japan (Saitama University, Waseda University, Kanagawa University) and the U.K. (SOAS and Imperial College).

Miki is also a member of London Okinawa Sanshinkai (Okinawan music group). 

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies: