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Emma Wu

Emma Wu

Language Teaching Officer in Chinese

Office Phone: 01223 335104


Emma has been teaching Modern Chinese for over ten years. She has taught in Edinburgh University, Manchester College of Art and Technology, Leeds University and the University of Cambridge. She obtained her BA in Dalian Foreign Languages University, China, and her MA and Postgraduate Diploma in Leeds University, UK. Emma is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and an approved exam setter and marker for its Educational Trust. She is also a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

Emma was featured in 2014's list of "Cambridge's Most eccentric Professors".

Research Interests

As well as in teaching, Emma is interested in second language acquisition, on-line learning development, course book writing, interpreting and translating.

Key Publications

Wu, E. L, Co-author of Insider China, Lexus Ltd, 2009 (ISBN 1-904737 – 17 –X).

Wu, E. L, Editor-in-chief of A2 level, GCSE/AS/A2 level Chinese Examination Study Guides, in series, Cypress Books Company (UK) Ltd, 2008 (ISBN 978 – 1- 84570 – 008 - 9).

Wu, E. L, Translator, the article entitled“粟特文古信札新刊本的进展”  translated from English into Chinese in Sogdians in China 粟特人在中国 , 中华书局, 2005 (ISBN 7 – 101 – 04895 -1).

Wu, E. L, Editor, English-Chinese dictionary, Collins, 2004 (ISBN 0 0-00-716329-0).

Wu, E. L, Editor, English-Chinese dictionary, Langenscheidt, 2000 (ISBN 1-58573-057-2).