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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

07 May 2018
Over a week in May scholars and graduate students from China, Japan and the UK gathered at Cambridge University to share their most recent research on the history of war crimes trials and the postwar in East Asia.

02 May 2018
Dr Yan Hai-Jian, Nanjing Normal University gave a talk entitled: 比较中的审视:战后国民政府对日本战犯审判的特质, "Comparing the Trials: The Characteristics of the Trial of Japanese War Criminals under the Republic of China post-WWII"

25 April 2018
Prof. Amira K. Bennison, Professor in the History and Culture of the Maghrib, gave a guest public lecture in the History Programme of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Doha, Qatar.

11 April 2018
March 19 - 21 2018 Dr Barak Kushner co-managed a conference with Professor Tsuchiya Reiko from Waseda University, Japan, concerning propaganda and media issues that developed during and about WWII in East Asia.

11 April 2018
This conference was co-sponsored by Dr. Barak Kushner's ERC grant on The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the Struggle for Legitimacy in Postwar East Asia, and Dr. NARAOKA Sochi's Spirits-funding from Kyoto University in Japan.

29 March 2018
Dr John Nilsson-Wright publishes new article.

27 March 2018
On 31 January 2018 the Japanese Studies Subject group was delighted to welcome a group of students and academic staff (Drs Atsushi Yamada, Maiko Ichihara, Naoko Matsumura and Kazuhiro Oobayashi) from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

27 March 2018
The Dhammachai International Research Institute (DIRI) and the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (FAMES), University of Cambridge have drawn up this agreement with the aim of promoting cooperation in the field of academic research on Buddhist manuscripts from Dunhuang.

15 March 2018
Dr John Nilsson-Wright, University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics and International Relations and Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House recently attended the GENRON NPO Tokyo Conference as a panel member.

13 March 2018
On Saturday 10 March, the BATJ (The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language) held a seminar in FAMES.

03 March 2018
On Friday 9 March 2018 Professor Hans Van De Ven presented his talk 'Wartime Everydayness and the Decolonization of WWII'.

09 February 2018
Following the successful publication four years ago of Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy: Studying Japanese Gender at Cambridge, we are delighted to announce a second book by our recent Japanese Studies graduates.

25 January 2018
John Nilsson-Wright will unpack the apparent change in direction by North Korea’s leader and consider what the upcoming Olympics means for talks between the two countries.

17 January 2018
Dr Kushner delivers the keynote presentation at Waseda University’s international symposium “Towards the Creation of Reconciliation Studies"