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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

13 August 2020
Teach311 + COVID-19 Collective, who work in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science among other institutions and focus on understanding disasters, past and unfolding, have invited Dr Laura Moretti and Prof Hashimoto to present their project and share their pedagogy in the face of COVID-19.

03 August 2020
The Transcription project "Tackling Pandemics in Early Modern Japan" launched by Dr Laura Moretti is now in its third month and has recently featured in the Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the five national newspapers in Japan.

28 May 2019
Dr Paul Noorlander and Dorota Molin of the Hebrew and Semitic Sudies section share their experience of a recent field trip in Northern Iraq (KRG region), and give a general introduction to Neo-Aramaic, its long and rich history, and explain the causes for of its severe endangerment.

04 February 2019
Brigitte Steger is member of an interdisciplinary consortium at the University of Cambridge awarded a large UKRI grant to tackle plastic waste.