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Barak Kushner and Deokhyo Choi "Thinking about War" talks on War Crimes Trials

last modified Jul 18, 2016 03:36 PM

Dr Barak Kushner, University Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese History, and Dr Deokhyo Choi, Research Associate on Dr Kushner's 5-year ERC project: The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the Struggle for Legitimacy in Postwar East Asia, 1945–1965, gave a pair of talks (delivered in Japanese) recent at a symposium in Tokyo sponsored by Gakushuin University. The event was the Third Talk in the Series "Thinking about War" and specifically on War Crimes Trials.

Dr Kushner's talk was "戦後中国における日本人戦犯裁判の戦い―正義とその正当性―" (The struggle over justice and legitimacy in Chinese postwar trials of Japanese war criminals).

Dr Choi's talk was "「米軍政下南朝鮮における「親日派」処罰法の制定の試みとその挫折」 " (The Attempt and Failure to Establish a Law to Punish Pro-Japanese in South Korea Under US Military Rule ).

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