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Christine van Ruymbeke publishes new monograph 'Kāshefi’s Anvār-e Sohayli'

last modified Oct 27, 2016 10:30 AM

Kāshefi's Anvār-e Sohayli Dr Christine van Ruymbeke, Ali Reza and Mohammed Soudavar Senior Lecturer in Persian Studies, has just published a new monograph, 'Kāshefi’s Anvār-e Sohayli: re-writing Kalila and Dimna in Timuriud Herat' (Brill, 2016). Kāshefi’s Anvār-e Sohayli (15th C. AD) is a Persian rewriting of the timeless and influential Kalila and Dimna text, done at the Timurid court. Christine van Ruymbeke offers a first in-depth analysis of the contents and style of this important text and also addresses the Kalila and Dimna field across its full rewriting history.

This analysis shows how Kāshefi’s additions function as an invaluable commentary that opens up our understanding and appreciation of this seminal text. This study revisits several received ideas and current misapprehensions about the text and shows why it was such an international best-seller before being unjustly relegated to children’s literature. In van Ruymbeke’s words, Kalila and Dimna is a grim text, exposing the mechanisms of sophisticated psychological manipulation and exploring universal philosophical themes, known since Antiquity and still relevant today.

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