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The shifting landscape from imperial to postwar East Asia: War Crimes, Trials, and the Geography of Power

last modified Sep 22, 2017 04:48 PM
“The shifting landscape from imperial to postwar East Asia: War Crimes, Trials, and the Geography of Power”    
21 September - 25 September 2017 at the University of Cambridge
Funded by a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant, Dr. Barak Kushner (University of Cambridge) hosted Dr. Chang Chihyun (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Professor Kishi Toshihiko (Kyoto University) and GIS specialist Ms He Jiawei Feng Chia University (Taiwan) , along with graduate students from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Leeds and Bristol Universities over several days to complete the basic stages of creating a new database and analytical website of the geography and statistics of Japanese war crimes in China. Emerging from Dr. Kushner’s ERC project on the dissolution of the Japanese empire, this new project aims to chart and evaluate the spread and shape of justice in postwar East Asia. After these initial steps, the team hopes to gain further funding for expansion of the database and computer modeling to finalize the website and include supportive media and other elements to establish a holistic platform for visualizing the geography and resolution of violence in wartime and postwar East Asia. 

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