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Yang FU

Yang FU

PhD Student, Chinese Studies


I received my BA (2008) and MA (2010) from the Department of History, National Taiwan University, where I was also trained as teaching and research assistant. Following my military service, I worked as research assistant in both National Taiwan University and The Institute of History and Philology (IHP) of Academia Sinica. I started my PhD in Cambridge in October 2012.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

Current Research

My PhD project is tentatively titled “The Idea of Work in Early China.” I hope to examine early Chinese attitudes towards “work” in its cultural context. As a practice of the history of mentality, I look forward to deepening our understanding of early China as well as offering comparative materials to the humanities and social sciences in general.


My interests range across various disciplines. I am especially intrigued by intellectual, cultural, and conceptual history; the history of political thought; religious history and theory; and social-cultural anthropology.


Key Publications

Selected Publications (in Chinese)


2013 “The Pursuits of Legitimacy: A Study of Political Culture during the Late Northern and Southern Dynasties,” Shi Yuan 25 (forthcoming)
2011 “From Death and Disorder to Great Peace: Historical Memory and Political Ideology under the Sui” (MA thesis, the Department of History, National Taiwan University).

Book Reviews

2012 “Book Review: Lü Zongli, Rumors in Han Dynasties,” Early and Medieval Chinese History4:2 (forthcoming).
2012 “Book Review: Michael Loewe, Dong Zhongshu, a ‘Confucian’ Heritage and the Chunqiu fanlu,” Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies 31:3.
2012 “Book Review: Mew Hui Goh, Sound and Sight: Poetry and Courtier Culture in the Yongming Era (483-493),” Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies 31:1.

Review Articles

2010 “An Overview of Studies on Sui Intellectual History,” Shi Yuan 22, pp. 207-252.


2012 Peter Brown, “A Life of Learning,” in Jian-shou Chen ed., Selected Speeches from Haskins Lecture (in progress).
2012 Roel Sterckx, “In the Fields of Shennong,” Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies 31:4 (forthcoming).
2012 Benjamin Elman, “The Crisis of Classical Learning in Eighteenth Century China,” in Jo-shui Chen ed., New Perspectives on Chinese History: Intellectual History (Taipei: Lianjing).